Wii Passes 3 Million Mark in Japan

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Published by GameFront.com 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

Posted on July 19, 2007, Stephany Wii Passes 3 Million Mark in Japan

Wii Passes 3 Million Mark in JapanSony’s PS3 passing the one million units sold in Japan celebration pales in comparison to Nintendo Wii sales. GameDaily Biz reports that while previous data had shown 2.9 million units for Nintendo’s Wii, the Wii has instead passed 3 million. As of July 15, the Wii has sold 3.01 million units in Japan since it’s December 2, 2006 launch, while the Nintendo DS (on sale in Japan since Dec. 2004) reached 18 million units in Japan as of July 15. The source of this information came from
, and it makes me wonder if the U.S. is next.

With such a huge advertising budget, loads of new games and quirky attachments coming out for the Wii – it may end up blowing the Xbox 360 out of the water eventually. This leaves the PS3 with some major catching-up to do, but as we all know – consoles eventually peak and a console is only as good as it’s library. Nintendo needs to have a broader scope and woo some more developers to be able to beat out Sony and Microsoft in the long run or else the Wii will loose it’s gimmick and end up like the GameCube….a good console that no one plays anymore.

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