Wii Virtual Console Fails to Outdo Itself Yet Again

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Posted on July 10, 2007, Andrew Wii Virtual Console Fails to Outdo Itself Yet Again

What would you do if I weren’t here to fill you in on the latest in Wii Virtual Console games? You’d probably crawl into a hole somewhere and cry for hours. I don’t want that to happen, so I’ve written this primer on the latest Wii VC games.

machrider.jpgMach Rider
500 points
This game is one of 18 launch titles for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. It’s a futuristic driving game that takes place in the year 2012 (we’re so close) where the player travels on his motorcycle in search of survivors of an alien invasion. Controls are simple: A button accelerates, B button fires, left and right make you go…left and right and up and down change gears.

500 point
Mario and Luigi attempt to destroy enemies by switching up blocks to place them under certain falling objects. I’m so glad they released this game and not a more well-known puzzler like Dr. Mario, Yoshi’s Cookie or Tetris. Wait…no.


Air Zonk
600 points
At first, I thought “Air Zonk? What the hell is Air Zonk?” But now that I’ve looked at some screenshots, I’m thinking, “Yeah, okay.” This 1992 Hudson Soft game is horizontal scrolling shooter with cool cartoony graphics. Just be glad it didn’t go by its original, even more ridiculous name, Bonk’s Thunder Shooting.


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