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Posted on July 1, 2007, Andrew Wii Want Wiis

Wii consoleAccording to an Associated Press article (and anyone still looking for the console), Wiis are still awfully hard to get one’s hands on. The Wii has been “on shelves” for seven months, but rarely is a console actually on the shelf with demand outnumbering supply. The best way to get the console is to know when a shipment is coming to a store and get there when the store opens. The article tells the story of over 100 people waiting in line at Manhattan’s Nintendo World for a piece of the Wii action.

But the Wii isn’t the biggest seller in Seventh Gen consoles. Xbox 360 holds that title with 10.4 million sold worldwide (and probably something like 4 million being repaired). Wii has sold roughly 8 million (including 2.8 million in the US), and the PS3 rounds it out with 3.6 million sold. But where those consoles seem to be tapering off, Wii is still going strong. Independent toy analyst Chris Byrne says, “I don’t recall any game system more than six months after its launch still having this kind of demand.” Nintendo claims to have increased production to meet worldwide demand, but just can’t seem to keep up.

Even Google searches are still going in Wii’s favor. Check out this test I did on Google Trends. Alright, I’m a nerd.


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