WiiU Version Of Mass Effect 3 To Include Extended Cut

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Posted on July 17, 2012, Ross Lincoln WiiU Version Of Mass Effect 3 To Include Extended Cut

This was a given, considering the nightmare BioWare went through over it, but Mike Gamble has confirmed that the WiiU version of Mass Effect 3 will include the Extended Cut content built into the game. Speaking to Siliconera, Gamble said that “The extended ending is basically going to be part of the game instead. You won’t have to download it.”

This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. Despite Hudson and co’s rather hilarious claims to artistic integrity, the fact is that the old ending sucked and it’s going to be disappeared as though it never happened, ‘artistic integrity’ be damned. Also, it would be ridiculous for BioWare to create the WiiU version of Mass Effect 3 without the new ending. What better way to waste everyone’s time than by forcing them to play through to the terrible incomplete ending and then download new content.

So yeah, this isn’t surprising but it is good news for WiiU buyers. Well, somewhat, anyway. They’re still buying a system whose best games at lauch were originally created for the current generation.

Via Joystiq

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