WILD SPECULATION TIME: Is BioWare Reviving Command and Conquer?

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Published by GameFront.com 11 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

Posted on November 25, 2011, Ross Lincoln WILD SPECULATION TIME: Is BioWare Reviving Command and Conquer?

Happy Black Friday, Gamefronters! Because we care, today we’re going to follow up on the brazenly unfounded speculation from earlier this week about Bioware’s next big project. next big project? Why yes! See, soon, The Old Republic will be upon us. And soon after that (well, a couple of months later, in March, 2012), the Mass Effect series will be concluded*. Obviously, BioWare parent company Electronic Arts has to think ahead to the future, and how they can force their in-house science fiction development subsidiary to keep the cheddar flowing.

The first hint came two days ago with a teaser trailer for what they’ll be showing at the sure-to-suck Video Game Awards. What did it mean? Well, the inestimable Superannuation has pointed the world to a Neogaf forum posting that seems to offer what is right now the most convincing theory: The revival of Command & Conquer.

The link is a Linkedin profile that indicates BioWare may have purchased Victory Games, currently known to be working on a new C&C title. So, yeah! Proof, and stuff, that BioWare is totally working on bring the venerable, David Hasselhoff hiring franchise back. Yay! Or maybe not! Who knows? All I know is that I guess I’ll be watching the VGAs after all, and crying a bit inside over how much of a time waste it will be.

So what do you all think? Do we want C&C to return?

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*Ha ha, not really. EA is already making me very nervous the way they’re shoehorning unnecessary co-op multiplayer into a series that has never had it and literally will never need it. I’m already starting to worry Mass Effect 3 is going to be not great, but I think we can bet whatever happens, EA will find a way to take BioWare’s masterwork and turn it into Madden… in SPAAACE. Which means yearly updates that do nothing but make them money. Sigh.

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