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Posted on June 18, 2014, GameFront Staff WildStar Cheats

Welcome to the WildStar cheats compendium, where we list and link every extra article, secret info, and collectible how-to available across the wide girth of GameFront. Because actual codes are so rare, and totally impossible in a public MMO, we’ve expanded to collect all the knowledge in the universe to help you learn what’s up on the legendary planet of Nexus.

In WildStar, you’ll land in a cleverly cute sci-fi planet with two factions warring for supremacy. The game alters itself to match whatever play-style you prefer, with heavily armored PVP, exciting PVE, or some chill exploration to find resources and craft away with your online pals. There’s a ton of stuff to see and do, and we’re going to try and show off a small fraction of it with the articles below, listed out for your browsing convenience.

Don’t forget to join us as we make a name for ourselves on Nexus. Check out the WildStar Beginner’s Guide with screenshot and video accompaniment. There, the GameFront crew explains their early adventures on Nexus, including mission walkthroughs, and provides additional info on races, weapons, and gameplay. Basically, check it out if you’re curious what WildStar is all about. Or jump into GameFront’s official podcast with WildStar’s executive producer to get news straight from the source. Or watch one of it’s stand-out characters explain what WildStar is all about in an early vid.

Tackle even more MMOs with the guys and gals of GameFront. Experience Bioware’s big LucasArts-inspired Jedi MMO with our The Old Republic: Beginner’s Guide with early class info and planetary quest walkthroughs. Or discover hidden collectibles with the TOR: Datacron Locations Guide. If it’s puzzles you’re looking to solve, browse the solutions on our Secret World cheats list with links to every single investigation article.

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