WildStar: Monkey Island’s Murray, Wonderland & More Easter Eggs

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Posted on June 3, 2014, GameFront Staff WildStar: Monkey Island’s Murray, Wonderland & More Easter Eggs

There’s a whole world to discover in the exploration mode for Wildstar, and tons of Easter eggs to find too.

Clever players have already uncovered one small reference and one big hidden secret cave for your perusing pleasure. It seems like the developers of Wildstar are big fans of classic literature and classic adventure games. Check out what these goodies are and where to find them with the quick guides below.

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Easter Eggs & References

Work-In-Progress: Found any cool Easter eggs? Let us know in the comments!

Monkey Island’s Murray

Out in the wilderness of Wildstar, knowledgeable players might just recognize the distinctive name of a certain disembodied skull. It’s Murray! The angry, evil, but useless Murray.

Find him up in Witchrock Passage, in the Deradune Zone on the continent of Olyssia. You can’t miss him. He’s the same evil Murray, prompting you to find a treasure or else.

“Call me Murray! I am a powerful demonic force. I am the harbinger of your doom! Unless you find the treasure, I will drag your soul to Hell!”

Sounds like good ol’ Murray to me. He gives you clues to find treasure on a nearby island.

Alice in Wonderland

A strange land is hidden deep within the Celestion Zone, found on the Alizar Continent. Unfortunately, you’ll need the Explorer Pack to gain access to this cool little area.

Travel along the river south until you reach a waterfall with a cave to the left. Inside, eat one of the mushrooms to shrink in size to fit through a tiny cave passage. Where does it lead?!

Of course the white rabbit (jabbit) runs away, and you’ll need to follow it deeper into the cave. Ahead, you’ll find a smoking caterpillar, sitting on a purple mushroom.

Across the ledge from the hookah-puffing caterpillar, you’ll find a mysterious rock on a ledge. Touch it to open a secret room leading to — who else? — but the Mad Hatter, welcoming your character for some tea.

Developer Island

Up in the Northern Wilds zone, keep traveling northeast to find a tiny populated island, hidden by some very secretive developers.

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