WildStar Raiding Unveiled in New DevSpeak Video

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Posted on May 13, 2014, Janelle Bonanno WildStar Raiding Unveiled in New DevSpeak Video

If you’ve been waiting for an MMO with a hardcore end-game experience, WildStar’s plans for raiding may have you covered.

WildStar unveiled more of their PvE content today in the form of WildStar Raids. From dungeons to bosses, the WildStar raiding content claims to be for the hardcore MMO player looking for a challenge. Each raid will come in both a 20-man and 40-man variety. Take all these people and add in the game’s combat telegraph system, and you have a coordination requirement akin to a visual battle rave of epic proportions. Just check out the video above to see what I mean and the hardcore label no longer seems like a far off claim.

For those not in the know, combat telegraphs are a visual feedback system inherent to WildStar’s combat. Allowing players to make split-second combat decisions, telegraphs show the player the path of their spells and enemy spells alike. This system leads to a combat system that requires running and dodging with well timed attacks, rather than the static button mashing we’ve come to expect from most MMO’s. Throw 40 people into the mix and a plethora of mobs or a battle ready boss capable of taking on all those people, and teamwork becomes essential, if not chaotic.

Intense teamwork and combat aside, what makes WildStar’s raids so notable is their re-playability. Sure, we are all accustomed to end game grind and some of us like it better than others. But these raids are more like Diablo and less like World of WarCraft, in that each raid dynamically generates and shifts content every week, with variable bosses and unique events, guaranteeing that each grind is a unique challenge of its own. I’ve had some hands-on time with WildStar raids and I can at least assure one thing; they will give you a mental workout unlike any raid you have experienced.

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