Wildstar Will No Longer Have Monthly Updates (UPDATED)

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Published by GameFront.com 8 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

Posted on August 22, 2014, Ron Whitaker Wildstar Will No Longer Have Monthly Updates (UPDATED)


Wildstar Product Director Mike Donatelli, has posted a statement about the change to the Widstar forums, saying,

“So a lot of folks have been speculating about our next drop and I wanted to talk about it in detail.

The plan was to roll out a zone next month, and a pretty badass one at that. The new zone and its contents not only sets up the epic ongoing world story of WildStar, but provides more group and solo content along with costumes, items, etc. What we hadn’t planned for was the mountain of feedback. You guys have been vocal about everything from bugs, early level content, attunement, PvP and Elder Game. And we were listening.

Because of that, we decided to make a change. We are adding a month’s worth of feedback and bugfixes to the mix based on player feedback and user experiences. These are changes to core systems such as economy, classes, PvP, crafting – you name it. We’re knocking out bugs and making changes to improve your gameplay experience. We want to roll these issues into the patch with the new zone content and that’s going to take some more time.

How much time you ask? That’s an excellent question! We’re going to take the time to make sure that this next patch is not only badass but bug free. I’ll update you again shortly with the list of details on what’s being addressed in the game and the timeframe.

And from the entire team, thanks for your continued patience and support. We can’t do this without you.”

Seems like they’re delaying these drops for all the right reasons, as we speculated before.


Carbine Studios is abandoning the idea of monthly content updates for Wildstar.

One of the most ambitious promises Carbine made in the run-up to WIldstar’s launch was monthly updates. As many as 16 monthly content drops were reportedly in development at launch, but apparently that plan has hit a sang. In an interview at Gamescom last week, Senior Game Designer Megan Starks revealed the change when she said that the next update, titled “The Defile,” would not release at the first of September. Instead, she said that this update would be coming in the “next few months,” and that a similar schedule would be followed for all future content updates.

While this is likely a huge disappointment to Wildstar players, it’s likely that this is for the best. As we see all too often with game delays, sometimes the schedules developers set for themselves are simply too ambitious. When that happens, there are really only two choices: release the game on schedule, but with bugs or missing features, or delay the game until the issues can be ironed out.

I have to think that Carbine made the right call here. While disappointing users is never good, giving them a defective or low-quality product is far worse. We’ll have to wait and see if this has an affect on Wildstar’s player numbers, but for now, it just means that the next content drop is that much further away.

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