Windows 8.2 Might Have A Legit Start Menu, Metro Apps In Desktop Mode

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Posted on December 10, 2013, Devin Connors Windows 8.2 Might Have A Legit Start Menu, Metro Apps In Desktop Mode

The next major Windows 8 update might be the best version of the OS so far, if new rumors are to be believed.

Paul Thurrott from Supersite for Windows thinks Windows 8.2, which may be using the codename “Threshold,” will bring the full Start Menu back to Windows 8. The 8.1 update from earlier this year brought the Start button back to everyone’s favorite-ish OS, but the traditional menu was not included. Once 8.2 is out, presumably in 2014, the Desktop Mode in Windows 8 should look an awful lot like Windows 7.

Another major update: Running Metro apps in Desktop mode. These apps will run in windows when Desktop Mode is enabled, allowing for all of your Windows apps to run everywhere in the OS. No more segregation, it seems!

This “threshold” update is, as Paul puts it, “…a wave of updates that will bring Windows 8.x, Windows Phone and Xbox One closer together from a user experience perspective.” In other words: Microsoft eventually wants the same OS on all the hardware, and this Threshold update will put all three platforms on the brink of such a goal. Now I think there will always be a few differences between what’s on the Xbox and what’s on your PC, but if it’s 90-95 percent the same? That makes life easy for Microsoft, and probably easy for John Q. PC User as well.

Are you using Windows 8 or 8.1? I dabble, but most of my time (on my desktop, at least) is still spent in Windows 7. We know you have opinions on Windows, so leave ‘em in the comments!


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