Winter Warriors Favored Weapon: The Snow-baller

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Posted on December 21, 2007, Shawn Sines Winter Warriors Favored Weapon: The Snow-baller


Lets face it, its not healthy to spend the whole winter indoors and who doesn’t like pelting their friends with large projectiles composed of urine riddled slush? Well for those who like to work smarter and play harder, there’s a gadget available to make winter snow-ball fights more intense; the Sno-baller.

Save your hands from freezing as you form your ammunition faster than ever before (and supposedly with less effort). The Sno-baller also doubles as a giant ice cream scoop if you live somewhere the white stuff tends not to fall, or for those hot summer days. I know this is not directly video game related but hopefully this tool will make you more likely to get your buts off the couch and out into that scary place called nature at least once this year. Get your Sno-baller for $8.95 from The Green Head.
Now you just need to get some of those block molds to build your own snow fortress to use as cover.

Let the battle begin!

via Gizmodo

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