Wolfenstein: New Order – Easy Last Boss on Uber Exploit Guide

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Posted on July 16, 2014, GameFront Staff Wolfenstein: New Order – Easy Last Boss on Uber Exploit Guide

Make the hardest fight in Wolfenstein: The New Order a breeze even on Uber difficulty with this handy exploit location. There’s a spot in the final arena where our hero BJ can hunker down and blow away the competition safely.

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SPOILERS AHEAD: It should be obvious, but we’re warning you anyway. If you don’t want to know details on the final boss of Wolfenstein: The New Order, stop right here!

Easy Last Boss on Uber Exploit Guide

The final battle in Wolfenstein: The New Order can be extremely tough on the highest difficulty setting Uber. To make it easier, check out this exploit in the arena.

As the Battle Begins:

After defeating the first stage of Deathshead’s Mech you’ll drop down into an indoor arena full of ammo. Dash around the outer ring, using the pipes and walls for cover to collect as much health and armor as possible.

Especially look out for rocket ammo pick-ups. Charge the LKW and unload on the Mech to soften him up. Depleting the LKW into the Mech once should be enough.

Once you’re full or mostly full on ammo and rockets you’ll want to find the exploit location.

Finding the Exploit Hiding Spot:

In this arena, there’s a hiding spot where Deathshead’s Mech cannot hit you. Just as you land, turn right and run across the upper walkway to reach the raised concrete platform. Just as you exit the catwalk, look right. Between the walkway handrails and the concrete wall, there’s a narrow space BJ can squeeze into with an ammo pick-up.

Stay behind the two-three step ramp and duck down to shoot beneath the catwalk. You should have a good view of the main arena floor from here.

Keep shooting rockets in Deathshead’s Mech until he’s defeated. Switch to akimbo rifles and shoot Deathshead with your full supply of bullets and rockets. It’ll take several minutes, but you should be able to bring the final boss down without absorbing much damage.

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