Wolfenstein: The New Order – Armor Upgrades Locations Guide

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Posted on May 22, 2014, GameFront Staff Wolfenstein: The New Order – Armor Upgrades Locations Guide

Shield yourself from the Nazi war machine in Wolfenstein: The New Order with our list of hidden armor upgrade locations. Each one of these tricky collectibles provides an extra ten points of protection, so keep an eye open for things to interact with around resistance HQ. Get all ten with the text guide below.

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Armor Upgrades Locations Guide

  • Armor upgrades increase maximum Armor by +10 for each collected item, maxing out at 200 Armor.
  • These upgrades are only found in the Wyatt Timeline, which can be accessed by saving him in Chapter 1.

Armor Upgrade #1:

  • Chapter: 2
  • Location: Clear the upper floors of the asylum, then look for a bathroom with a locked case inside. Use your lockpicking skill to find the first armor upgrade inside.

Armor Upgrade #2:

  • Chapter: 3
  • Location: Inside Anya’s house, BJ will need to “interrogate” a Nazi Commander. Before using the chainsaw, you’ll open a cupboard to get a smock. After taking it, look inside the cupboard. There’s a chest inside with the armor upgrade.

Armor Upgrade #3:

  • Chapter: 3
  • Location: In the checkpoint area, the grandparents will take out a Nazi as he opens a door to the right of the road. Go inside the elevator lobby and unlock the door in the construction area to the right. In the room below, look for a vent under the stairs. Crawl inside to discover another hidden armor upgrade.

Armor Upgrade #4:

  • Chapter: 5
  • Location: In the Kreisau Circle safehouse, look for a small room near the meeting table. There’s a desk with a computer BJ can interact with. Do so to find an armor upgrade.

Armor Upgrade #5:

  • Chapter: 6
  • Location: Entering the lobby before getting to the Moon exhibit, look to the left of the metal door, beneath the cafeteria, to find a locker. Pick the lock to find an armor upgrade inside.

Armor Upgrade #6:

  • Chapter: 7
  • Location: Remember the desk in Chapter 5? Use it again to gain another armor upgrade.

Armor Upgrade #7:

  • Chapter: 9
  • Location: In the HQ, go back to the desk to find a guitar. Interact with it to get yet another armor upgrade.

Armor Upgrade #8:

  • Chapter: 10
  • Location: In the area where you need to cut the chase of a mine, look for a second mine nearby. Cut it too, and enter the tunnel the explosion opens up. There’s a locked door you can pick with an armor upgrade at the end of the path.

Armor Upgrade #9:

  • Chapter: 12
  • Location: After fighting past the Super Soldiers that activate from a train car and climbing up, you’ll find a locked yellow door before you need to laser through a metal grate.

Armor Upgrade #10:

  • Chapter: 13
  • Location: Crawling into the luggage area to acquire the laser cutter, crawl into one of the conveyor belts to find it blocked by a steel crate. Cut through to find an upgrade.

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