Wolfenstein: The New Order – Collectible Letters Locations Guide

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Posted on May 19, 2014, GameFront Staff Wolfenstein: The New Order – Collectible Letters Locations Guide

Because it’s mandatory in every FPS, there’s intel to collect in Wolfenstein: The New Order — this time taking the form of hidden letters.

Like so many collectibles in the past, these letters help fill in details on the fascist world of The New Order. It’s a little fun for die-hard fans or players hungry to earn 100% completion. Don’t wander aimlessly through the campaign, learn where to go in each area with our text guide.

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Collectible Letters Locations Guide

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Chapter 1:

  • Letter #1: Once the first cannon on the bunker cliffs is taken out, you’ll take stairs up and into a long tunnel with cart tracks to the left. Go up the steps to the right and enter a small red sleeping room. On the bunk in the back right corner, you’ll find the first letter.

Chapter 2:

  • Letter #2: Going downstairs, stick to the right wall and move through the reception office. Leave through the door and look right for another set of stairs leading up. Halfway up, there are cracks in the steps. Shoot through them to hit the sparkling object. Destroying it will open a small door in the reception office. Crawl in to find a letter near the mattress.

Chapter 3:

  • Letter #3: The letter is located in the garage with the Nazi prisoner. After collecting the goggles from the drawer under the chainsaw, don’t miss the letter sitting underneath.

Chapter 4:

  • Letter #4: The letter can be found right at the start of the level. After jumping onto the rooftop ledge from your balcony, move forward until reaching an open door on the left. Go inside the hotel room and look at the table between the chairs.

Chapter 7:

  • Letter #5: Just as the level starts, look on the bed where Bobby was sleeping in the previous Kreisau chapter. Remember him? He was your driver in the previous stage. His bed is right near the meeting table.

Chapter 8:

  • Letter #6: Inside the camp’s bunkhouse, look for a man and woman holding each other in a bed. Talk to them and they’ll request medicine. Find the medicine in the guard barracks, after escaping the furnace. Go upstairs and turn right to find a small medical office. Return the bottle to the prisoners and you’ll gain the letter.

Chapter 9:

  • Letter #7: The letter is located in the main meeting room of the resistance. Look for a cabinet at the foot of Bobby’s old bed, where BJ’s german pal is now sitting.

Chapter 10:

  • Letter #8: Entering the prison underground after using the laser on the chain holding open the grating, stick to the left wall and look for a small cave entrance before diving deeper. It’s only big enough for BJ, so hop out of the vehicle and swim in. The tiny passage leads far up and into the air. Climb out and crawl through the cave to find a secret hiding spot. The letter is on the ground behind the two beds.

Chapter 13:

  • Letter #9: Past the lab and through the red scanner, you’ll reach a medical room. Go upstairs past the strange pods and enter the labs on the second floor. In the second lab, on the main path, there’s a desk with the letter to the left of the door.

Chapter 15:

  • Letter #10: The final collectible letter is under Max’s bed.

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