Wolfenstein: The New Order – Enigma Codes Locations Guide

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Posted on May 19, 2014, GameFront Staff Wolfenstein: The New Order – Enigma Codes Locations Guide

Solve every Enigma puzzle with our code pieces guide for Bethesda’s Wolfenstein: The New Order when taking a break between blasting bad guys.

There are four mysterious Enigma puzzles located throughout BJ’s campaign against the Nazi war machine. How do you solve them? Where are the code pieces? Don’t wait up — keep scrolling to get all the answers and find detailed instructions for locating each piece of the puzzle.

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Enigma Puzzle Solutions Guide

Work-In-Progress: Check back soon for new updates.

Chapter 1:

  • Enigma – Piece 1:1: After blowing open the bunker door with an explosive charge, immediately look right to find stairs into a red-lit room. Look in the right corner to find the code piece on the a crate.
  • Enigma – Piece 1:2: Once the first cannon is taken out, a bunker door will open leading to stairs. The way forward is down the catwalk, but you’ll want to enter the first office at the top of the steps. Against the right wall, there are three switches to pull. The puzzle solution is on the wall to the left, “One / Three / Two” in German. Pull the switches in that order, from left to right, to open a secret room with the enigma code.
  • Enigma – Piece 1:3: Past the mechanical panzerhund attack, BJ must interact with the Private that saved him to climb up the castle wall. Don’t go up yet, instead enter the room where the panzerhund appeared down the path. The code piece is on a crate inside.
  • Enigma – Piece 1:4: Climbing up the ropes and into the castle, you’ll reach a section with missing floors. Wooden boards are used to cross the gaps. Instead of crossing through, drop down into the area below. There’s a crate next to the scaffolding.
  • Enigma – Piece 1:5: Inside the castle, you’ll eventually enter a circular room with a huge portrait of Deathshead. There’s a small knight statue to the left of the painting. Interact to open a secret path to a Nazi commander in an office. The code is next to the telephone.
  • Enigma – Piece 1:6: After saving your squad with the machine gun turret, they’ll move to a crashed airplane in the wall. Turn right and look for a section of cracked wall.
  • Enigma – Piece 1:7: In the incinerator room, open the shelf closest to your pilot’s location (right-most) to find the last code piece for this level.

Chapter 2:

  • Enigma – Piece 1:8: Fighting through the first group of Nazis, you’ll have to go around the blocked doors to reach the stairwell. Before going down, look at the stairs leading up. In the left corner, near the debris blocking the steps, you’ll find this chapter’s only enigma code.

Chapter 3:

  • Enigma – Piece 1:9: The first Enigma piece is located in the Nazi checkpoint area. When you enter the section with two large structures and a Nazi Commander, look for an entrance into the sewers. You can take the stairs from the first building, or enter a broken pipe to the left of the main road. Crawl in and look near the stair entrance to find the code piece on the ground.
  • Enigma – Piece 8:1: In the same area, look between the large grey structures for a wooden shack. Attacked to one side, there are pictures pinned to the wall. To the left of the pictures, you’ll find the enigma code piece.
  • Enigma – Piece 8:2: Inside the second floor of the barracks building, look on the desks with folding chairs in the opposite corner from the commander’s location.
  • Enigma – Piece 8:3: After Anya’s grandparents drive up to the blocked gates and shoot the Nazi soldier to the left, you’ll enter a lobby with more guards inside. Enter the room still under construction to the right to find the code piece near the doorway.
  • Enigma – Piece 8:4: At the large room with the X-Ray display screen and computers, look in the open lockers to the left of the large monitor.
  • Enigma – Piece 8:5: Yet another code piece is located to the right of the large X-ray screen. Enter the garage and look in the dismantled vehicle’s passenger seat.
  • Enigma – Piece 8:6: In the large area where BJ fights two guard robots, look in the back left corner of the building with the Nazi Commander. The codes are sitting on some radio equipment.

Chapter 4:

  • Enigma – Piece 8:7: Breaking into the office with Nazi guards, you’ll reach a room with desks and a ringing telephone. Look right of the board at the front of the room, on the file cabinets. Grab the files, then turn around and look for an open file cabinet on the opposite side of the room. Use it and a secret door will open.
  • Enigma – Piece 8:8: The next code piece is located right on the first Nazi Commander’s desk.
  • Enigma – Piece 2:1: Just after running from the giant Panzerhund and dropping down into the grey tunnels, you should find another metal grating that can be cut with the laser. Cut it open and drop down to find a code piece on the steps below.
  • Enigma – Piece 8:9: Later, you’ll sneak into the prison officers where a Nazi Commander stands guard. Sneak into the room and kill the Commander — the code piece is in a briefcase on his desk.
  • Enigma – Piece 2:2: Once BJ escapes with his old friend, you’ll fight through the prison. Eventually you’ll reach an office surrounded by metal bars before getting to a tight corridor filled with guard barracks. Look on the reception desks inside the office room to find a code piece.
  • Enigma – Piece 2:3: The last piece is located after fighting through the long hallway and entering an area that looks like it’s under construction. Next, go upstairs to find an office with 5-6 desks. There’s a briefcase on the biggest desk with the code piece.

Chapter 6:

  • Enigma – Piece 2:4: Just as the mission starts in the aftermath of the explosion, turn right and follow the wall into a dead-end alcove with a dead body carrying an enigma piece.
  • Enigma – Piece 2:5: Moving through the rubble, a Guard Robot ambushes BJ. Destroy it in the small arena, then look in an alcove in the back corner of the room. If you turn around just as the robot throw you, look behind some twisted rubble to your left.
  • Enigma – Piece 2:6: Inside the museum lobby, enter the twisted bottom floor reception office. The code piece is on the simple chair behind the front desk.
  • Enigma – Piece 2:7: The next code piece is located in the circular control room at the very top of the moon exhibit.
  • Enigma – Piece 2:8: Dropping into the laboratory with the upgraded laser cutter, look on the table to the right to find a code on the counter.
  • Enigma – Piece 7:1: Entering the helicopter hangar, look underneath the southwest pad (on your map) to find the code piece on a stack of crates.
  • Enigma – Piece 2:9: Go inside the computer bank room on the southern end of the hangar. Look on the floor behind the right computer bank.
  • Enigma – Piece 7:2: After destroying the huge robot boss in the hangar, climb the ladder up and enter the office with the hangar button. Before pressing it, look on the desks inside.

Chapter 8:

  • Enigma – Piece 7:3: Entering the guard barracks through the body chute, run directly forward across the room to a few steps on the opposite side. There’s a metal box in the back right corner with the enigma code.
  • Enigma – Piece 7:4: Once you escape the furnaces, climb the stairwell to the right, through the open door, and cross the catwalk. Turn right down the hall to enter an office, then look right for a metal cabinet with the code piece.
  • Enigma – Piece 7:5: In the same area, turn left after crossing the catwalks. Follow the path through a doorway with interior windows to the left. Just past the doorway are some wall-mounted shelves. Look up to at the shelves to find an easy-to-miss code.
  • Enigma – Piece 7:6: Inside the security control room, look in the filing cabinets to the right of the button. One is open, with an Enigma code sticking out.
  • Enigma – Piece 7:7: Once the security system is down, climb up the scaffolding into the top floor of the administration building. Sneaking in through a window, enter the office to the left and look in the open filing cabinets.
  • Enigma – Piece 7:8: Going down to the second floor of the administration building, hug the left wall and follow it to an alcove with an open cabinet containing the next enigma code.
  • Enigma – Piece 7:9: Opposite the Gold Bust, near the stairs, there’s a small metal cart with the enigma code on the first floor of the administration building.
  • Enigma – Piece 3:1: In the garage with the battery, look in the same room for an open cabinet containing the enigma code.

Chapter 10:

  • Enigma – Piece 3:2: Entering the prison underground after using the laser on the chain holding open the grating, stick to the left wall and look for a small cave entrance before diving deeper. It’s only big enough for BJ, so hop out of the vehicle and swim in. The tiny passage leads far up and into the air. Climb out and crawl through the cave to find a secret hiding spot. The Enigma code is on a table in the back right corner of the room.
  • Enigma – Piece 3:3: In the room with the switch allowing BJ to raise the water level, look in a small room adjacent once the water is raised. There’s a drop into the water. Swim down and across the tunnel to another similar door on the opposite side. Climb up into the previously blocked room where you can grab a code piece off a metal crate.
  • Enigma – Piece 3:4: After cutting free the underwater mine and destroying the grate, you’ll enter another tunnel. Get out of the water on the left and look on the crates to your right.
  • Enigma – Piece 3:5: Interestingly, there’s actually a second chained mine in the previous room you might’ve missed. After melting one chain, return and melt the second. Follow the bomb through the passage until it destroys a second grate. Swim through the hole until you reach a place to climb out. Grab the code from a metal cabinet near the open door.
  • Enigma – Piece 3:6: Through the door near the previous piece, you’ll find a circular grating with a section missing. Drop down and follow the tunnel to a ladder. Climb up and turn right to find another enigma code piece on a metal shelf.
  • Enigma – Piece 3:7: At the train station proper, stick to the left wall and look for a charging station. Duck underneath the platform directly below the charging station, near some steps, to find the first enigma piece in this area.
  • Enigma – Piece 3:8: See the control room BJ needs to reach? Enter the open doors underneath the room to find a smaller maintenance area. An enigma code is on one of the shelves inside.
  • Enigma – Piece 3:9: The last code is in the control room itself. Look on the control panel to the right of the button.

Chapter 11:

  • Enigma – Piece 6:1: Leaving the torpedo room and following the halls, stop at the recharge station and look left. There are two doors here — one for the Fergus timeline, and one for the Wyatt timeline. Use one of these doors to get into the room. When you’re inside, laser open the grating and find the first enigma code on a bed.
  • Enigma – Piece 6:2: Past the first code, you’ll reach a hallway with open barracks doors to the right and left. Enter the first room on the right to find a code piece on a bunk.
  • Enigma – Piece 6:3: The next piece is in the same hallway. Enter the bunk room, second door on the left.
  • Enigma – Piece 6:4: Inside the control room, look on the panels to the left of the captain’s seat.
  • Enigma – Piece 6:5: Enter the radio buoy room, and look for a smaller office to the left. The code is on one of the desks inside.

Chapter 12:

  • Enigma – Piece 6:6: Landing on the ruined bridge, enter the train car to your right through the ladder. Use the path to reach a second train car and exit through the open back side. Jump back out onto the ruined bridge tracks and sneak across a fallen metal beam. On the exterior of the train, hanging from the window, is a dead Nazi officer. Burn the chain attached to his wrist to collect the code in his briefcase.
  • Enigma – Piece 6:7: Climbing up the ramping train car and dropping down onto the one hanging horizontally, jump across to the bridge itself and turn left. Enter the open door and go up the stairs to find a code piece on the concrete floor at the top.
  • Enigma – Piece 6:8: Return to the horizontally hanging train car and walk across the windows, giving you a good view of the water below. Before leaving, circle around to the opposite end leading to a dead end with the enigma code.
  • Enigma – Piece 6:9: From the hanging train car, you’ll find another that’s pretty much right-side up. Instead of going inside, walk along the right-exterior to find a code on the ground, near the ledge.
  • Enigma – Piece 4:1: Now climb into the nearby train car and crawl across the beam to another train car. To the left, part of the car’s wall is ripped open. There’s an enigma code on the ground next to it.
  • Enigma – Piece 4:2: In the long road where Super Soldiers come to life inside pods, look for a ramp along the right side of the road. Turn around and run backwards to a platform over the Super Soldier car. Jump onto the roof, follow the beam onto another platform, then jump onto another beam and sneak along it. Follow this beam, requiring a few turns, to another concrete platform containing ammo and an enigma code piece.
  • Enigma – Piece 4:3: After fighting through the Heavy Troopers and Super Soldiers, you’ll reach a stairwell leading up to a machine gun nest. Near the turret, there’s a grating you can cut through with a laser. Defeat the Super Soldier and guards in the first warehouse room, then destroy the crates in the back left corner to find a piece.
  • Enigma – Piece 4:4: The last piece is found after jumping off the helicopter turret. Enter the office on the right side, before getting to the white Nautica train car.

Chapter 13:

  • Enigma – Piece 4:5: Entering the moon barracks with two Nazi Commanders, you’ll find one nearby sleeping in his bunk. Look at the bathroom toilet to find a code.
  • Enigma – Piece 4:6: Once you reach the first lab area with a view out into space, look on the central table of the second room. There are shelves beneath the main surface that contain the enigma code.
  • Enigma – Piece 4:7: Crawling through the red-lit vent, you’ll drop down into an empty, dark lab similar to the previous one you pass through. Just as you hit the ground, move through the door ahead and turn left to find a code on a desk.
  • Enigma – Piece 4:8: Past the space-walk, you’ll enter another area guarded by two Nazi Commanders. Go inside the curved room giving off a bright yellow light and look on the desks.
  • Enigma – Piece 4:9: This one is tricky. Taking the elevator up into a huge circular chamber, climb up to the upper-inner walkway ring and circle around, looking on the railing surfaces to spot the enigma code. If you’re having trouble, open the map and look for a question-mark in the room.
  • Enigma – Piece 5:1: The last enigma piece for this level is on the war room table.

Chapter 14:

  • Enigma – Piece 5:2: Escaping the craft, BJ will swing into the London Nautica building and kill a guard. Just as you gain control, turn right and look on a bench near the window. There’s a box with the code piece inside.
  • Enigma – Piece 5:3: Reaching a new hallway in the Nautica after stepping outside and crossing through the scaffolding. Enter the meeting room and grab the enigma code on the table near the projector.
  • Enigma – Piece 5:4: Moving ahead, you’ll eventually reach an area with a huge hole in the wall where a Nazi chopper attacks. Shoot down the helicopter, then look at the rubble to the left of the large opening in the wall to find your code piece.
  • Enigma – Piece 5:5: In the floor below, three guards will pop out of a dark hallway. Look near the open door, next to the blue tarp against the wall, to find a code piece on the floor.
  • Enigma – Piece 5:6: Dropping down yet another floor, cross over to the bank of monitors against the wall. There are file cabinets to the left. One is open, with your next code piece sticking out.

Chapter 16:

  • Enigma – Piece 5:7: Entering the creepy concrete halls of Deathshead’s compound, run straight ahead into the first open office. The enigma code is in an open filing cabinet against the left wall.
  • Enigma – Piece 5:8: At the first two-floored lobby filled with Super Soldiers and troopers, you can find the Enigma code on one of the last benches down the center of the room.
  • Enigma – Piece 5:9: Just as you reach the laboratory filled with spines and brains inside tubes, look on a desk under an array of X-ray images against the wall to find the last code piece.

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