Wolfenstein: The New Order – Fallout 3 Vault 101 Easter Egg

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Posted on May 20, 2014, GameFront Staff Wolfenstein: The New Order – Fallout 3 Vault 101 Easter Egg

The New Order pays tribute to Bethesda’s other mega-franchise hit Fallout 3 with this particularly cool little Easter egg. Players will recall the Washington D.C. vault as the starting point to the memorable return to Fallout’s unique twist on the retro ’50s wasteland.

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Work-In-Progress: We’ll provide more details on how to find this Easter egg soon!

  • Somewhere in the campaign, there’s a huge vault door marked with the distinctive “101″ logo.

Where to Find the Fallout 3 Vault 101 Easter Egg

  • Once you gain access to the Kreisau Circle Hangar, look to the right of the entrance.
  • The first time this area becomes accessible is in Chapter 7, when Anya asks BJ to get her a sample of moldy “Super Concrete” — the kind the Nazis used to quickly erect massive cities.
  • At the front of the chamber, look and see the giant red gear-shaped door covered in steam. It’s marked with a huge “101″ in the center.

More Info on Vault 101

  • While it might just be a coincidence, we’re betting against that. With Machine Games working under Bethesda’s banner, it only makes sense for the developer to throw in a tiny nod to Fallout 3.
  • So what is Vault 101? The special vault is where players first grow up in Fallout 3, experiencing a life-time of events before leaving the comfortable life and chasing your father across the Capital wasteland.

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