Wolfenstein: The New Order – Gold Items Locations Guide

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Posted on May 19, 2014, GameFront Staff Wolfenstein: The New Order – Gold Items Locations Guide

Scattered throughout the world of Wolfenstein: The New Order there are plenty of gold items to collect for trophies.

Don’t search without direction, keep scrolling to find these shiny trinkets and add them to your collection. Serving as one of the main collectibles in the New Order, you’ll really have to search to find them all. Just stick with us as we provide more text details below.

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Gold Items Locations Guide

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Chapter 1:

  • Gold Item #1: After entering the bunker by blowing the door down with an explosive charge, follow the cart rails between the stairs. You should see a lift moving up. Go underneath it and look left to find a hidden vent duct. Crawl through to the morgue and grab the gold off the desk.
  • Gold Item #2: Past the second cannon in the bunker, there’s a small room before going to the stairs outside to continue forward. Look under the gray and blue tarp here to find a hidden goblet in a gab between the cover and a crate.
  • Gold Item #3: Just after entering the stone halls of the castle once you’ve finished the daring climb, look for a small dining room off the the side of the main hall. The goblet is located on the dressed past wrecked table.
  • Gold Item #4: In the spiral staircase with the massive Deathshead portrait, look to the right for standing knight’s armor. One of the knights has a golden sword.
  • Gold Item #5: Stop in the hallway where two Nazi soldiers are wheeling a machine gun outside. Look behind the stacked crates to find wooden boxes. Crack open the crate nearest the wall to find a gold trophy.

Chapter 2:

  • Gold Item #6: Take out the Nazis outside the asylum, but before interacting with Anya, look underneath the front of the black staff car she’s near. A gold ornament is on the ground, right under the grill.

Chapter 3:

  • Gold Item #7: The first gold item is located on a shelf to the right of the captured Nazi officer.
  • Gold Item #8: At the first checkpoint zone with a Nazi Commander, look for a small wooden shack between the two larger structures. An Enigma code piece is pinned to one wall. Look on the opposite wall to find a golden item visible between the cracks.
  • Gold Item #9: Entering the large outdoor area where you’ll encounter two giant guard robots, take a look around the machine gun nest to the right of the path. On one side, there’s a metal grate blocked by a metal box. Grab a machine gun turret and destroy the grate / box to get inside. There’s a desk opposite the locked door with a gold item.
  • Gold Item #10: The last gold item is located in the train car. Leaving the bar car, turn left just as you enter the passenger rooms. There are cabinets with towels in an alcove. Open the slightly ajar cabinet to get the golden item.

Chapter 4:

  • Gold Item #11: Once BJ acquires the Laser Cutter tool, use it on the metal grating next to the stairs leading up. There’s a gold item on the stack of boxes.
  • Gold Item #12: Next, go upstairs and charge your laser. Cut through two more grates to reach a larger room with a window you can open. Before jumping out the window, cut through the metal section to your right, closest to the window. There’s a hard-to-spot picture frame sitting on the floor behind the boxes.
  • Gold Item #13: Reaching the large room with the coal-loading vehicle beneath the catwalks, drop down to the bottom floor and look in the big pile of coal at the front of the chamber. There’s a gold item in the left side of the pile.
  • Gold Item #14: Fighting upstairs and into a long hallway filled with guards, more Nazis will pop-out of the barracks doors to fight. Halfway down the hall, look for a room to the right. There’s a gold helmet inside the cabinets.

Chapter 5:

  • Gold Item #15: At the Kreisau Circle base, go upstairs and collect the file for Caroline Becker. Once you grab the crowbar and pry open the hidden spot in Max’s room, go downstairs and you’ll see Caroline leaving her room. Go inside and interact with the large poster to find a secret passage. Continue through the passage until you find the large urn in an alcove.

Chapter 6:

  • Gold Item #16: As the level begins, BJ narrowly avoids getting crushed by a huge statue. Jump onto the platform and look near the statue’s feet to find a gold item.
  • Gold Item #17: In the museum lobby, smash open the glass case on the right side of the bottom floor to take the gold item inside.
  • Gold Item #18: Around the same area, go upstairs and enter the cafeteria kitchen. Look in the back room for a hatch on the ceiling. Interact to climb up and crawl through the vents. The gold item is found rested against a closed metal vent overlooking the lobby.
  • Gold Item #19: Entering the elevator shaft from the laboratory with your new laser cutter, turn around after climbing the ladder to find another vent entrance. Cut open the grate with the laser and search down the right path.

Chapter 7:

  • Gold Item #20: When exploring through the underground sewers to find a way back into the Kreisau base. In a long tunnel, flying drones will appear. Take them out, and continue on toward a circle of railings near a red valve. Jump into the pit and land near the circular vent. Crawl through to find the gold item on a barrel ahead.

Chapter 8:

  • Gold Item #21: Before entering the Barracks, talk to the prisoners to the right of the body chute. She’ll request you kill an officer called “The Knife” — hunt down and kill the Nazi Commander while you’re in the barracks, then return to her outside to get a gold item.
  • Gold Item #22: After bringing down the security system and sneaking through the factory, you’ll be able to enter the administration building through the scaffolding. Climb up and enter the door on the right. Open the drawers of the desk to find a combination note. Then cross the room and interact with the painting to open a secret safe. The gun is in the safe.
  • Gold Item #23: The gold bust is located on a small table, near the stairs down to the first floor of the administration building.
  • Gold Item #24: When BJ gains control of the massive mech, you’ll have to eventually abandon it and join Set Roth for his escape. Before getting in the vehicle, look for a small office up the stairs in the garage. There’s a gold item in the open desk drawer.

Chapter 9:

  • Gold Item #25: Talk to the woman behind the door to the office on the first floor (the same office you needed a key for in the previous chapter) and she’ll give you an optional mission to find her missing wedding ring. Go up to the third floor toilet and flush it to find the ring. Return it to her and you’ll gain a gold item.

Chapter 10:

  • Gold Item #26: Entering the prison underground after using the laser on the chain holding open the grating, stick to the left wall and look for a small cave entrance before diving deeper. It’s only big enough for BJ, so hop out of the vehicle and swim in. The tiny passage leads far up and into the air. Climb out and crawl through the cave to find a secret hiding spot. The gold item is near the beds.
  • Gold Item #27: Once you’ve raised the water line in the sewers, return to the vehicle and swim through the second (previously unreachable) fan slot and look on the large concrete slab to the right.
  • Gold Item #28: After collecting the previous gold item, return to your vehicle and go through the tunnel opposite, back into a larger ruined chamber. This is the lower levels of the prison. Look left as you exit the tunnel for an open door. The gold item is inside the flooded concrete room.
  • Gold Item #29: In the same area, just after exiting the tunnel, look right for another tunnel leading right. A gold item is laying in the rumble in this dead end.
  • Gold Item #30: Before getting to the elevator room, you’ll pass by a circular grating on the floor. Drop down through the missing bent section and climb the ladder at the end of the tunnel. Go through the open door to collect your gold prize inside the caged area.

Chapter 11:

  • Gold Item #31: Leaving the torpedo room and following the halls, stop at the recharge station and look left. There are two doors here — one for the Fergus timeline, and one for the Wyatt timeline. Use one of these doors to get into the room. When you’re inside, laser open the grating and find the first gold item on a desk.
  • Gold Item #32: Past the previous item, continue into a hallway with open doors leading into bunk rooms. Enter the third door on the right to get a tray.
  • Gold Item #33: Just outside the secret vault, in the area with the unfolding spiral staircase, look on the geometric rocks to the left of the gold platform. You’ll need to jump over the water to reach it.
  • Gold Item #34: A little gold robots is on one of the shelves inside the hidden vault chamber.
  • Gold Item #35: Still inside the vault, look in one of the triangular cubby holes to get a gold pot.
  • Gold Item #36: To get the golden crown, look on one of the strange canister-like objects inside the secret vault.

Chapter 12:

  • Gold Item #37: The first item is found after dealing with the double-decker train car filled with commandos. Snipe the soldiers shooting from the upper and lower windows, then cross through the train to look at the ruined ledge of the bridge past it. A golden statue is sitting near the huge hole in the road.
  • Gold Item #38: Climbing up to the roof of the double-decker train through an open hatch, BJ will get a view of the white train car. Turn around and use the steel beam. Laser cut the first metal grate you find and jump onto the platform to your left to reach a golden item.
  • Gold Item #39: In the area with the car filled with Super Soldiers, wait for pod #4 to activate and defeat the monster. There’s a gold item inside.

Chapter 13:

  • Gold Item #40: Arriving on the moon, BJ needs to crawl into the baggage claim conveyor to collect the laser cutter. Jump off and look on the conveyors inside the room (not in the red vent) to find a gold cane.
  • Gold Item #41: Passing through the lab and entering an area with red scanners, you’ll reach a section of the moon base with two more Nazi Commanders. Inside the medical area, look on one of the gurneys to the left of the central light. There gold mask is on the table.
  • Gold Item #42: During the space-walk, you’ll reach a canyon with multiple levels where drones attack. Stick to the right wall and look toward the ground to find the gold item.
  • Gold Item #43: At the tram station, look behind some discarded luggage against the right wall before boarding.

Chapter 14:

  • Gold Item #44: Swinging into the London Nautica, you’ll take out a guard and regain control. Exit the room and get onto the scaffolding on the building exterior. Laser the chain, drop down and get to a second board you can laser. Don’t yet, cross over to a platform and grab the gold item on the ground before lasing one of the chains.
  • Gold Item #45: Once you re-enter the Nautica, go into the projector room and look for a plaque you can interact with. Twist it to find a secret room with the gold item.

Chapter 15:

  • Gold Item #46: Go to Klaus’ room on the second floor of the HQ to find this gold item on his desk. It’s right next to a helmet pick-up.

Chapter 16:

  • Gold Item #47: The first gold item is right below the entrance to Deathshead’s Compound. Before getting out of the water, dive and search for the trowel on the sea bed.
  • Gold Item #48: Just as you climb out of the water, you’ll enter a stone tunnel filled with guns and ammo. Ahead and to the right is rubble you can climb out of. Don’t yet, instead look in an alcove in the back left corner of the tunnel to grab some gold armor.
  • Gold Item #49: In the giant round arena with a machine gun turret on scaffolding, look for a mine cart to the left of the MG nest. The gold item is sitting inside.
  • Gold Item #50: Just as you enter the large rooftop arena where the Machine Man attacks, turn left and look for two metal crates. Cut open the crate closest to the unbreakable box and collect the last gold item.

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