Wolfenstein: The New Order – Max’s Missing Toys Sidequest Guide

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Posted on May 21, 2014, GameFront Staff Wolfenstein: The New Order – Max’s Missing Toys Sidequest Guide

Later in the campaign for Wolfenstein: The New Order, our hero BJ gets the chance to do something nice for a change.

After scaring the impressionable Max, you’ll discover he’s lost four toys around the rebel base. Not all of them are easy to find, so if you’re lost and need some guidance, check out the complete locations list right here.

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Max’s Missing Toys Sidequest Guide

This sidequest becomes available in Chapter 7. After acquiring the “super concrete” sample for Anya, Max will return to his room and start sleeping.

Near his bed, look for a crayon drawing depicting his four missing toys. BJ wants to make amends for scaring him.

There are four missing toys scattered around the Kreisau Circle base. To collect them all, you’ll also need to talk to Fergus/Wyatt and get the key to the office on the first floor.

All Four Missing Toys Locations

  • Toy #1: Robot – Find this on your way out of the Kreisau Circle Hangar. It makes noise near the hangar entrance.
  • Toy #2: Telephone – Look on Caroline Becker’s desk to get this missing toy phone.
  • Toy #3: Letter Blocks – These can be found inside the secret chamber behind the poster in Caroline’s bedroom. Crawl into the gap and look left to find these on the ground.
  • Toy #4: Fire Truck – The last toy is located through the locked door. Talk to Wyatt/Fergus to get the key, and look on the shelf just right of the door.

With all four toys found, return to the crayon drawing at the foot of Max’s bed to place the toys.

Completing this optional quest unlocks the entry for Max in the character info panel.

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