Wolfenstein: New Order – Reimagined Records Locations

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Posted on May 23, 2014, GameFront Staff Wolfenstein: New Order – Reimagined Records Locations

Get into the vapid musical stylings of the dystopian past with these record collectibles in Wolfenstein: The New Order. Taking an alternate history route with its plot, the world has been transformed after the Third Reich took over. Now famous familiar musical acts sing in German, with inoffensive themes and lacking any pointed message. The protest songs of the ’60s are gone and replaced with… well, check these bizarre reimagined records.

If you’ve had your fill of Nazi-style bubblegum pop music jump on over to the full Wolfenstein: The New Order video guide and bring down the dictatorship. For more Easter eggs, secrets, and unlockable modes be sure to browse our growing list of Wolfenstein: The New Order cheats.

Reimagined German Records Easter Eggs

  • There are three music tracks from the fiction “Neumond Recording Company” hidden in the campaign for Wolfenstein: The New Order.
  • Bring up the menu after collecting them to give each one a listen. They’re heavily influenced by other famous musical acts of the period and in one case an often reinterpreted folk song.

Record #1: Die Kafer – Mond, Mond, Ja, Ja

  • Location: The first record is found in Chapter 5. Go to the second floor of the Kreisau Circle base and look in the small room to the left of BJ’s bed. BJ and Anya stay together in the empty room next to Max’s space — BJ can sleep in the bed in the Fergus Timeline.

Record #2: Wílbert Eckart und seine Volksmusík Stars – House of the Rising Sun

  • Location: Returning to the Kreisau Circle base in Chapter 7, you’ll drop down into a dangerous sewer area. While exploring the paths and passages, you’ll reach a room with empty metal cabinets to the right of the door. On one of these cabinets, you’ll find the record on the lowest rung.

Record #3: Karl and Karla – Topfierer Kleiner Liebling

  • Location: The final recording is located in the underground of Chapter 9. After falling down into the bunker below the base, you’ll need to return to the surface. The record is found after escaping the room with the hanging Super Soldier containers. Down the hall, you’ll turn left and reach a passage with a small set of steps. Go up and look to the right to find this album on the concrete floor.

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