Wolfenstein: The New Order – Weapon Upgrades Guide

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Posted on May 23, 2014, GameFront Staff Wolfenstein: The New Order – Weapon Upgrades Guide

Every weapon has a secondary function in Wolfenstein: The New Order but some are harder to find than others.

Throughout the course of the game, you’re likely to find optional powers for everything in your arsenal — everything except the LaserKraftWerk. This titanic laser weapon can get multiple powerful upgrades, turning a dinky little laser into a destructive killing machine.

If stronger weapons aren’t enough, there’s always GameFront’s Wolfenstein: The New Order video walkthrough to get you through each killer encounter. Or power-up with unlockable modes and more on our Wolfenstein: The New Order cheats list.

Weapon Upgrades Locations Guide

  • Every weapon in Wolfenstein: The New Order has a secondary function that can be unlocked throughout the course of the campaign.
  • The most important upgrades are for the LaserKraftWerk, which is acquired during the London Nautica mission. This advanced laser weapon can become very powerful if you find the upgrades listed below.

LaserkKraftWerk Upgrades:

  • Full Auto: Near the end of Chapter 6, you can find this useful upgrade in the chopper hangar. Look for a Nazi Commander in a computer-room on the southern side of the chamber. The upgrade is located inside.
  • Reflector: Don’t miss this upgrade in the sewers of Chapter 7. When moving through, there’s a point where you’ll enter a tunnel leading left or right. Take the right path to swivel back around to a dead end that was visible through rubble earlier containing the upgrade case.
  • Strobe: This upgrade is hard to skip in Chapter 9. After BJ gets the welder in the water, you’ll need to swim to a passage and shoot a chain holding up a ladder. After climbing the ladder, turn right. When firing the laser weapon at human enemies, they’ll be blinded.
  • Tesla: Found in Chapter 10, just after riding the elevator up to the guarded train station. Mechanical enemies are especially effected by laser shots.
  • Generator: Complete the puzzle in the secret society vault in Chapter 11 to gain this powerful upgrade. With it equipped, your battery recharges over time without the need for an electricity station.
  • Targeting Scope: Located in Chapter 12, you’ll need to clear out a two-story train car and climb up to the roof through a hatch. As you turn around, you’ll enter a side-ways car with a visible metal grating. Cut through to find the upgrade inside.

Laser Cutter Upgrade:

  • Laser Gun: The cutter can transform into a laser pistol if you find the battery in Chapter 4. Once you enter the catwalks above a coal-moving vehicle below, go down the steps to the left. There’s something that looks very similar to the battery you collected originally to charge the cutter.

Pistol Upgrade:

  • Silencer: These can be found in Chapter 2, but you’ll have to replace it often as the campaign progresses. The first can be found in an attic on the second floor of the asylum. Look for a passage into the roof down the tight corridor.

Shotgun Upgrade:

  • Shrapnel Rounds: The alternate ammo becomes available in Chapter 11 where you’ll start to meet Heavy Troopers using it. The shrapnel bounces off hard surfaces and dishes out serious damage.

Assault Rifle Upgrade:

  • Rocket Launcher: The underslung launcher becomes available at the start of Chapter 12. The rockets come in magazines, allowing you to fire several before having to reload.

Marksman Rifle Upgrade:

  • Laser Rifle: Collecting any of the Space Marines’ primary weapons in Chapter will unlock this upgrade. To refill ammo, use a charging station. Interacting with the charging station will automatically switch to any weapons without full charge.

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