Wolfenstein: Youngblood unlimited coin cheat patched

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

We reported a few days ago how some players were using cheats to gain unlimited coins within Wolfenstien: Youngblood, but it seems now that exploit has been patched.

The cheat was discovered by redditor Calibrono, who found that Cheat Engine could be used along with a specific cheat table for the game, which gave players unlimited coins or skill points. 

We warned at the time that it wasn't a good idea to do it, though - as it breaks the EULA and there's a small chance that you may end up with a ban. Weirdly, though, coins and skill points are not encrypted server-side like health, armor and ammo.

The new hotfix deployed for the game removes this exploit, so you'll need to get coins the hard way like the rest of us, though it's not too much of a grind to get them, thankfully.


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