Woman Declares War on World of Warcraft – Give me a Break

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Posted on June 28, 2007, Stephany Woman Declares War on World of Warcraft – Give me a Break

Woman Declares War on World of Warcraft

Over on Yourhub.com, one of the regular bloggers posted that she declared war on World of Warcraft – and won. I will provide you a link to the post, but let me just cut to the chase for you. Her and her boyfriend agreed that he would not play WoW while they are on the phone together and she will not “squeal” when her favorite actress is on the cover of Vogue. Alrighty then…..

You see, my problem with this is not the compromise that they reached; it is the namby pamby way in which she went about her so-called “war”. Granted, she deserves credit for trying to play WoW with him, but the whole whiny aspect of her chagrin nauseated me. First off, any man worth his level 60 Undead Warlock can attest to the fact that the majority of men are not so mentally challenged as to be unable to stop playing for 10 minutes to chat with their lady-love. Those who are not such mental heavyweights, most likely do not have a female companion in the first place because they make poor decisions like this. If he was in the middle of a raid, she should have called back later – and if he decided to go on a raid knowing that she was going to call at a designated time, then he is a noob in the love department and she should upgrade to a more advanced model and toss that one to the curb. It all has to do with priorities. Since her and her gamer boy live many states away, she does not have the option of showing up at his place wearing nothing but a trench coat and heels, or Princess Leia bondage attire. Therefore, he should be more respectful of the little phone time that they have and put the mouse down for a few minutes. Granted, if they DID live in closer proximity and he was going on one too many WoW benders, then said Leia golden bikini would most likely make him throw the mouse to the floor and get into Jabba mode instantaneously. That would take care of that particular WoW session, and if further instances occurred, she could always dress as a Blood Elf.

Kind of got off the subject here. What I am most disgusted about was the pretense of the blog she posted. It was false advertisement of sorts. She led readers to believe that she actually “won the war on Wow” by using her feminine wiles and her natural wit and intelligence. She gave false hope to women reading her blog everywhere that there was some sort of tactic they could use that had never been used in the history of gaming widows. I personally got my hopes up, because when Fallout 3 comes knocking on my door, I too will be in the unenviable position of being a gaming widow because my boyfriend will not eat, sleep, drink, or shave (God, I hope he bathes….) until he has finished the game. I read her blog in hopes of getting a few pointers, but instead I got the silly little “compromise” solution.

Well, gosh lady, that was really hard to do and I am sure your brain hurts from thinking up that ground-breaking solution. Give me a break.

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