Women and Casual Gaming Is not so Casual

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Posted on July 26, 2007, Andrew Women and Casual Gaming Is not so Casual

women-gamers.jpgThere are the horror stories we’ve read about gamers dying in front of their computers, and addicts across the globe.

But these all have one thing in common: they’re usually guys.

Where are the women in all this? They’re playing Bejeweled, or at least something like it, according to this ABC News article.

“Women are … typically not interested into going around shooting other players, as a guy might be, and so they are more interested in, sometimes, spatial relationships, using vocabulary knowledge or word knowledge,” Robert Nall, a game designer, said in the ABC article.

Shockingly, women don’t want to go around shooting people, or join with the Horde to slaughter their opponents. This isn’t to say that women don’t join raiding parties or play First Person Shooters, of course, but the stereotypes stick. But what people are finding is that what women gamers have in common is they’re sometimes just as fiercely devoted as their male counterparts.

“I came home last night, I played from 4 until probably 11:30 at night,” Lillian Green, who has a full time job and still manages to play 40 hours per week, said.

There’s a huge casual gaming market out there that developers and marketers are trying to nail, and more and more women from the ages of 34 to 55 are joining in.

I can definitely see the draw of casual gaming, though. Bejeweled and Sudoku are games I’ve had the tendency to pick up when I’ve been limited to fifteen minutes.

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