World in Conflict v1.005 Brings Balance to the World

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Posted on December 18, 2007, Steve World in Conflict v1.005 Brings Balance to the World

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Stacking. If you are familiar with the term, then you are probably aware of the unbalance it can bring to a multiplayer game, especially public ones. In layman’s terms, (RTS) stacking is when a team of players of better skill pair against a team of individuals of lesser skill (or average extremes). Basically, stacking makes even numbered player games still relatively unbalanced (due to the lopsided nature of skill). The only way to prevent stacking is to either come to an agreement on team configurations prior to the game or place a handicap on the more skilled players (often times not an option). This pre-game organization is fine and dandy when it comes to ranked or clan matches. But what about pubs? Probably not so much seeing as how clan buddies tend to team up with each other. So how does one come up with a fair solution?

Apparently distress from “stacking” voiced by the World in Conflict community has caught the attention of developers Massive Entertainment. Massive thinks they have come up with a “fair solution” via its latest patch. Massive’s Community Manager, Soundboy, explains it best here.

Basically, Massive is incorporating some form of automatic team balancing in WiC based on skill. When a game is formed, the game itself will look at a person’s WiC ranking and places them accordingly to a team. If a person does not like being on the team they’ve been assigned to (by the game’s code), they may opt to join the other team with a resource penalty incurred. When it’s all said and done, if you don’t fight the system you’ll receive no ill-favored penalty. It gets even more confusing when someone drops (intentionally or not).

Sounds like a real positive addition to the game (at least on paper). Whether it works in practice remains to be seen. You can be sure there are still ‘tards out there that will find some way around this new balancing system. However, at least it will provide some means of balance moderation among the typical pub game. It doesn’t seem like it offers a good solution to droppers though.

This fifth patch to WiC offers some sixty-odd fixes. You can download it via the link below:

Download World in Conflict v1.005 Patch @ FileFront

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