World of Warcraft: Buying Gold Bad for More Than VR Economy

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Posted on February 25, 2008, Shawn Sines World of Warcraft: Buying Gold Bad for More Than VR Economy

cry.jpgBlizzard is issuing a notice to try and educate it’s World of Warcraft customers about how buying gold effects the game. They claim that not only is the practice damaging the stability of the servers and the game economy, it could place the players themselves at personal risk.

According to the company, “an alarmingly high amount” of the gold being sold in real money trades is now coming from hacked accounts. They claim that many of these targeted accounts were previously shared with a power leveling service, only to be hacked and stripped months later by the same outfit.  More of these players have also become real world victims of identity theft and credit card fraud.

I think it’s naive to share personal account information with a company that is going to do something for you that you know violates the terms of your agreement with a company such as Blizzard, and then expect that the gold traders or power leveling service to deal ethically with you. Although I question just how often players are lured in and victimized this way, I do agree that these practices wouldn’t continue if players didn’t seek them out. However, someone who is so addicted that they consider purchasing one of these services for real money is likely not entirely in touch with reality in the first place.

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