World of Warcraft GMs Have a Sense of Humor

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Posted on August 1, 2011, CJ Miozzi World of Warcraft GMs Have a Sense of Humor

Science has conclusively* proven** that World of Warcraft develops social skills in gamers, but can it also forge a sense of humor? A World of Warcraft player known as Dougie Fresh sent a request to a GM asking to for the title of “Fresh” to be bestowed upon his character. He never expected the reply he received, though I’m sure it quelled his sorrow at being denied the, *ahem* princely title.

Here’s the reply:

I understand you have a concern regarding the title of ‘fresh’.

While we would wish nothing more, than to grant you this title Dougie, I’m afraid another currently holds it.

Sit well Dougie, and listen to this tale.

This is a tale of events which hath inverted a young ones life, and led to his eventual appointment as heir to the throne of the Bel Air Township.

Begat and reared in western Philadelphia spending many a day becoming frigid whilst filling baskets adjacent to the academy.

Ruffians ran rampant through the village; a scuffle ensued prompting his fearful mother to change his domicile to that with over kin, in Bel Air.

He summoned a cart, which appeared most gaudy, nonetheless he beseeched the driver to take him to Bel Air.

Arriving barely after nightfall, he bid the knave goodbye, as he relished his arrival at his new place of residence, where he was awarded the title of ‘The Fresh Prince”

As awesome as that was, I wonder how many World of Warcraft players are old enough to get the reference.

* Data attempting to verify this statement were inconclusive.
** Our definition of “proven” may not match your own or the Dictionary’s.


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