World of Warcraft Ironman Challenge

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Posted on February 13, 2012, CJ Miozzi World of Warcraft Ironman Challenge

If you consider yourself a hardcore World of Warcraft player, then you’ll want to participate in the Ironman Challenge, a race from level 1 to 85 using only the bare necessities — no talents, class specialization, stat-improved gear, professions, buffs, item enhancements, or other players.

Oh, and if you die, you have start over.

You’re allowed to use mounts and all manner of bags/containers, but if you’re a real (Iron) man, you’ll do without. Ask yourself, “Would Chuck Norris ride a horse?” No. No he would not.

To sign-up for the Ironman Challenge and discuss your progress with fellow participants (once you get started

You can check out the current standings over at the competition’s unofficial website and sign-up for the Ironman Challenge over at the official forums.


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