World of Warcraft Machinima: Tales of the Past Part III

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Posted on December 14, 2007, Shawn Sines World of Warcraft Machinima: Tales of the Past Part III


Martin Falch has produced two incredible installments of Tales of the Past; machinima that tells the back story of the World of Warcraft. Now his most ambitious project has finally been unleashed upon the world. Once you’ve watched this piece, your expectations of machinima will forever be altered.

Tales of the Past III
Since the death of Yimo and the shattering of the Orb of Visions, the Horde and the Alliance have accepted an unstable peace agreement. However, old hatreds stand in the way of cooperation and at the same time, chaos erupts as the Lich King finally takes action.
In the meanwhile, Blazer travels to Northrend to hunt down Mograine, the Death Knight, and retrieve the legendary blade that may decide the fate of Azeroth – The Ashbringer…

This 90 minute project is the result of a year and a half of work involving the Eden Aurorae guild and many others on the Dunemaul (England) WoW server with Falch scripting, directing and producing. You can download the 2.4G Tales of the Past III.

For those of you that are new to Tales of the Past, you can download Tales of the Past Part One and Tales of the Past Part Two on FileFront. Summaries for both works follow the break.

Tales of the Past – This is your Story…
This is a storyline movie, based upon our realm dunemaul. The mainidea for this movie was to make battlescenes between huge amounts of hordes and alliances, talking over ventrilo to make it work. This worked out greatly and we managed to do battles and speeches etc with 70 hordes and 40 alliance, in an epic movie that will blow you away!

Tales of the Past II
This epic storyline movie picks up where Tales of the Past left – Yimo and Blazer set out on a quest to prevent the forthcoming War between the Horde and the Alliance, by revealing a mysterios corruption. But, as it turns out, there are far worse things to worry about…

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