World of Warcraft Patch 2.4 Details Surface

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Posted on December 21, 2007, Ron Whitaker World of Warcraft Patch 2.4 Details Surface

WoW LogoThe folks over at Blizzard are constantly updating their cash cow, World of Warcraft. So, I’ll admit to be being less than surprised at the news another major patch is in the works. However, one thing you have to give them is that they put in a pretty strong amount of content with every patch.

The newest patch will bring clients up to version 2.4, and will introduce a number of new things, including new 5-man instances and a new 25-man raid. This raid is intended to close the storyline of the Burning Crusade expansion before the Wrath of the Lich King expansion is released (still no date on when that will happen, though).

There are also changes to PvP balance and a new faction. Blizzard even says they’re aiming to bring PvP closer to e-sport acceptance, whatever the heck that means. In news that is sure to please the ‘I really need to make some more gold’ crowd, Blizzard is raising the cap on daily quests from 10 to 25.

First off, please understand that I don’t have some secret mole at Blizzard. I wish I did, but since I don’t, I had to steal this info from an interview with Jeff Kaplan (Tigole) published in a Swedish magazine. I’m hoping Blizzard won’t come after me for it. If they do, I’ll have one of my guildmates build me one of his patented poo forts (yes, that’s you Tak). If that sounds ineffective, ask yourself how eager you’d be to attack a fort constructed from poo.

You can check out the entire list of (revealed) upcoming items after the break.

Sunwell Isle

* Sunwell Isle will be located off the coast, north of Silvermoon, and will be patched in with patch 2.4
* Sunwell Isle will be a major questing hub with a 5-man Normal and Heroic Instance (Magister’s Terrace) and a 25-man raid (Sunwell Plateau). The goal with Sunwell Isle is to close the Burning Crusade storyline before the release of the next expansion.
* There are still a few scenarios left that could be released to provide the players with more content if WotLK gets delayed for any reason.
* At the release of the patch, players will access a small expedition camp where they can start questing. However as the questing progresses, players will expand the camp and make it grow to a small town by retaking building to the enemies (running daily quests mostly). You can consider it as a AQ Gates opening event, the more daily quests that gets done, the faster the whole server will progress.
* The quests will end the Tempest Keep story arc.
* “The Shattered Sun Offensive” will be the new faction of this quest hub. It also seems that Aldor and Scryers will finally start fighting together against the new threat.
* Both 5-man and 25-man dungeons will be accessible from the start, but some bosses will have to be unlocked by running the daily quests (server-wide) and/or leveling your reputation. The 5-man instance will most likely requires Honored reputation with The Shattered Sun Offensive, the first three bosses of the 25-man instance will be accessible from the start, while the three last ones will have to be unlocked through questing.

Sunwell Plateau

* Kael’thas will be one of the boss of the 5-man dungeon, he’s still alive and he’s now got a huge green crystal etched to his chest.
* Kil’jaeden will be the final boss of the 25-man instance. The other bosses include Brutalicus, a giant Pit Lord who has lost his wings, Kalecgos, a blue dragon enslaved by Kil’jaeden, a Fel Dragon, the female Eredar Twins, and a Dark Naaru.
* The 25-man instance will be slightly harder than Black Temple, and is tuned for Tier 6 geared players.
* There will not be any “real” Tier 7 set, but some of the drops will be set pieces (not necessarily class specific). The drops quality will be above T6.

Daily quests

* Patch 2.4 will raise the cap of Daily quests allowed in a day from 10 to 25.


* Balancing actions will be taken in regard to PvP for certain classes.
* Blizzard have large plans for, and they will be aiming to bring it closer to e-sport acceptance.

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