World of Warcraft story improvement mod taken down

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 10 months ago

While not entirely surprising, Blizzard has but the kibosh on a new mod that was in development for World of Warcraft, which would have improved the game's early levels, added new voice acting, and improved the quest storylines.

Warcraft Tales, which was still early in development, made one too many changes in the eyes of Blizzard, who have decided to have the project shut down with threats of legal action. Blizzard have a strict add-on policy, and any mod, or add-on, that even looks like it may be in violation of that policy, is normally dealt with by the company quite quickly. It's a shame though, because the mod would have brought enhancements to the game's initial quests, that would have made creating new characters much more interesting.

BlizzardWe really appreciate his passion for the game, but what it comes down to is that we need to protect the integrity and experience of the game for all of our players. WoW is very much a living world—anything that can change actual in-game content has the possibility of affecting the experience for all players on a technical side, even if they choose not to use the addon, besides materially changing the lore that binds the universe together. Fan fiction is awesome (and it takes place out of game), addons that modify the way quests are displayed are fine since they don’t modify the in-game content, but addons that alter [or] replace the actual in-game content and story are not since this has far-reaching implications on the player experience.

The mod author hasn't entirely given up on the project yet, though, claiming he is working with Blizzard to negotiate a way to get some of the content into the game at least. Until then, it looks like Warcraft Tales will not be seeing the light of day.

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