World of Warcraft TCG Launches Round the World Spectral Safari

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Posted on February 27, 2008, Shawn Sines World of Warcraft TCG Launches Round the World Spectral Safari

spectral-tiger-big.jpgWorld of Warcraft Trading Card Game enthusiasts will soon have a chance meet at their local hobby stores around the world for Spectral Safari events.

It’s time for all you adventurers to prove your worth! Hemet Nesingwary has called on all the brave souls of Azeroth to take down the most elusive and illustrious big game in all the Nether: the Spectral Tiger!

Prizes include loot cards for a Robotic Homing Chicken and the Spectral Tiger. Extended Art versions of Wyneth Harridan will go to the Top 8 players and high finishers will receive booster packs.

Price: North America: $20
Europe: Check with your Tournament Organizer

Format: March of the Legion Sealed Deck, straight Swiss rounds

Players will each receive a March of the Legion Starter Deck (one preconstructed deck and two booster packs) with which they will have to construct a 30-card minimum deck.

For the complete details and a list of sites in the US, Canada, Philippines, New Zealand and Europe visit the Upper Deck World of Warcraft TCG Website.


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