World of Warcraft Under Siege By Zombie Players

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Posted on October 22, 2008, Chris World of Warcraft Under Siege By Zombie Players

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The second expansion to World of Warcraft is just a few weeks away, and it looks like that crafty bad guy, Arthas, is already wreaking havoc on the world… of Warcraft. As of a few hours ago, agents of the Argent Dawn have arrived in various locations throughout Azeroth, and in their wake, conspicuous crates in Booty Bay. Upon looting them, you’ll become diseased and, unless you find a cure from the Argent Dawn or a fellow player, you’ll become a zombie after ten minutes. After becoming a zombie, you’re able to attack NPCs and players of any faction, thereby further spreading the disease to more players. You’re also given zombie-specific abilities and will be unable to use any of your own abilities.

It’s not particularly difficult to be cured right now — something Blizzard poster Kisirani suspiciously pointed out in a thread on the official WoW forums — but it seems like the disease will inevitably infect everyone and everything.

Both MMO Champion and WoW Insider have more details on the happenings, but I’d recommend you login and see this disaster unfold for yourself.

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