World War Z - Ultimate Weapon Guide

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Much like the 2013 film it's based on, there's no shortage of amazing and creative weaponry to fight off the hoards of zombies in this post-apocalyptic third-person shooter - but perhaps you're struggling to survive in a world where everyone is out to eat your brains?

Well have no fear, GameFront's guide to the ultimate weapons available within the game. We'll be splitting it up into the various weapon types, so some weapons such as Tier 2 or Tier 3 weapons will need to be unlocked later in the game through the skill tree or weapons caches.

Ultimate Tier 1 Weapons

So as you'd expect, there's not a huge choice for Tier 1, being the lowest level and the ones you'll generally start the game with.

You're going to want the silenced pistol, though; it's going to be hugely important when you need to sneek and stay undetected. There's times where you can sneek through an area and only have to silently take out a few zombies, saving you time and avoiding heavy hoards of zombies early on.

Ultimate Tier 2 Weapons

This is where things get interesting. Firstly, you're going to want to grab an ARK-103 Assault Rifle, an S890 Combat Shotgun, or the PAC-15 Sporting Carbine.

The one you choose is ultimately up to you, as they're all very different weapon types, but they're best-in-class for all three. 

The ARK-103 is by far the best weapon for dealing with huge hoards of zombies, chopping through them quickly like a knife through butter. 

The S890 is well worth using when you're only dealing with a few, though, as it's one shot kill makes it very useful, but even so, don't try to take on more than a few at a time with it as you'll find yourself quickly overwhelmed.

Ultimate Tier 3 Weapons

Any Tier 3 weapon is going to do decent damage and is worth equipping if you get one, but there's a few in particular which are particularly special.

The Repeater X Crossbow is worth picking up as it's by far the most powerful weapon you get, with it's exploding arrowheads that can deal with large crowds of undead.

The Taiga-12 Assault Shotgun also deals some pretty heavy damage, making it very useful in more confined one-on-one situations.

Finally the HW416 Assault Carbine, while not quite as powerful as the two above, will still deal some pretty serious damage and help you deal with those huge hoards rushing toward you.

Ultimate Heavy Weapons

If you can get hold of a heavy weapon, then do so, they do some serious damage, but ammo is sparse, so we suggest reserving these guys for serious situations.

The first recommendation is the RPGL4 Rocket Launcher, which, as the name suggests, is a rocket launcher that will prove super effective at controlling large crowds of unruly undead.

The second is the Taiga-12 Heavy Assault Shotgun. This is a VERY powerful shotty that is far more efficient than the S890.

Finally, you're going to want the Stun Gun. It's really useful to have in a pinch.

So those are our picks - what weapons do you prefer to use? Let us know down below!


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