WoW and Starcraft Board Games Coming Soon

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Posted on February 14, 2012, Ross Lincoln WoW and Starcraft Board Games Coming Soon

I love living in the future. Instant access to information, total connectivity with my friends and family, amazing graphics on our video games. But as wonderful as all of that is, the iPod/Star Trek aesthetic lacks a certain old timey aesthetic charm I sometimes feel is sorely lacking from the world. Why, for instance, can’t I buy a smartphone built to look like a gold pocket watch? Oh well, I suppose we must accept that the past must stay in the past and that we must accept that the good goes with the bad when things are left behind. #Maturity.

Wait, hold on, what’s this?

That, my friends, is the World of Warcraft collector’s edition of Monopoly. Why it isn’t called Waropoly is beyond me, but it’s a real thing being unveiled this week at the 109th annual Toy Fair. The game is being released as part of a partnership between Blizzard and USAopoly, and will be on sale at some point later in 2012. In addition to the Blizzardification of the classic analogue business sim, USAopoly will also be releasing a specialty version of Risk based on the Starcraft series. Both sets will set you back 50 dollars and will remind gamers what the ragequit was like when you had to wipe pieces off the board instead flipping off the system.

From the press release:

Monopoly: World of Warcraft

Descend into a world of myth, magic, and legendary adventure to battle for control of World of Warcraft’s iconic locations. Featuring custom graphics from our artists and designers, the Monopoly game’s land grab includes coveted real estate such as Twilight Highlands, Grizzly Hills, and the Swamp of Sorrows. In the rush to rule over the faction capitals of Orgrimmar and Stormwind, players will roll Alliance- and Horde-themed dice, and feverishly buy, sell and trade in true MONOPOLY fashion, until one player controls the lands and vanquishes all comers. The game retails for $39.95 and will be available in May at specialty stores across North America.

RISK: StarCraft

The forthcoming release of RISK: StarCraft will see players choose from the terran, protoss, or zerg factions and six unique heroes before going head to head in this board game classic. The struggles portrayed in the real-time strategy of StarCraft adapt perfectly to classic tabletop RISK gameplay, and the winner will be determined by astute deployment of military might and strategic field tactics. RISK: StarCraft will include three play modes and sports over 290 custom playing pieces. The game launches this summer and will be available in specialty stores throughout North America with a suggested retail price of $49.45.

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