WoW Challenge Modes Add Bragging Rights To Panderia.

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Posted on September 10, 2012, Ross Lincoln WoW Challenge Modes Add Bragging Rights To Panderia.

Blizzard has announced a brand new way to lose years of your life playing World of Warcraft: all new Challenge Modes that are part of Mists of Pandaria.

In Challenge Modes, you and your party quest to complete a dungeon in the shortest possible time. The shorter the time, the more reward for your party. The mode can be selected just before you enter a dungeon; doing so normalizes all of your gear, (this is designed to make all Challenge Mode players compete under the same conditions). Gold, silver, and bronze medals are given depending on your completion time.

In addition, “The rewards for delivering top Challenge Mode times will be mostly cosmetic in nature,” the announcement says. New armor art, mounts, titles, and such will be unlocked by beating the hardest Challenge Mode dungeons. In addition, “the more medals you earn, the more rewards you will unlock. There are tiered rewards for bronze, silver, and gold. The more medals you have, the more of each tier you complete.”

So there you fo, WoWers. Something new to do. Now to see if it shows up on The Guild…

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