WoW Patch 5.3 PTR Notes Released, New Content and PvP Gear Overhaul Inc

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Posted on March 22, 2013, Dan O'Halloran WoW Patch 5.3 PTR Notes Released, New Content and PvP Gear Overhaul Inc

The PTR isn’t quite up yet, but Blizzard released preliminary 5.3 patch notes today for deployment on the World of Warcraft test servers. Highlights so far include a new PvP Arena, a new PvP Battleground, four new Scenarios and the introduction of heroic Scenarios. This last one is interesting as it will reward not only Valor Points, but Raid Finder-level gear.

On the subject of gear rewards, if you don’t need the gear reward for your spec, you can now also change what spec the rewards are tailored for by right clicking on your portrait and choosing the option from the drop down. This will affect your rewards from bonus rolls, Raid Finder and Pandarian quest rewards.

Speaking of bonus rolls. Tired of using your Elder Charms and still coming up with bupkis? New technology will give you better chance of success every time you fail to reduce long unlucky streaks.

PvE gear upgrade NPCs are back and it will now cost less to use their services: 250 valor per 4 item levels instead of 750 valor. Justice-based upgrades are reduced to 750 points per 8 item levels. PvP gear is going through a big overhaul that the notes promised will be more thoroughly explained in a later blog post. But the gist of it is that PvP gear iLvls are being normalized and Arenas, Battlegrounds and Rated Battlegrounds will have minimum iLvl requirements. Resilience is being removed from all PvP gear and everyone is going to have a base of 65% resilience.

Much more detail to come as Blizzard updates the patch notes. As Blizzard has said previously, this patch will be more about small changes and quality of life improvements. Patch 5.4 will have more raid content.

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