WoW PvP Getting an Overhaul, Players Flip a Table

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Posted on January 18, 2013, Dan O'Halloran WoW PvP Getting an Overhaul, Players Flip a Table

Today Blizzard announced some major changes to World of Warcraft Player vs Player combat that will be rolling out over the next two content patches. The problems right now are many. The experienced players are gaining top rating early in the season, then coasting on that until the end while those who start to participate mid-season can never catch up. Also, the current rating system makes it very difficult for players to get the gear they need to participate in higher level matches. And the gear jump between low level and high level play is too big.

To solve these issues, Blizzard is planning a number of changes to the system over Patch 5.2 (currently on the public test realm) and Patch 5.3. Two more sets of raid gear will be added to the existing two sets to make the gear gaps less jarring. Ratings requirements will be removed as a restriction to buying better gear. And players who start mid-season will have a higher weekly point cap that gradually reduces as they catch up. To balance this last one out, Team Ratings will gradually increase over the season to encourage players to participate the entire time.

While all this sounds great for players looking to get into PvP or haven’t been able to crack the upper ranks with their Arena Team, veterans of the current system are less than thrilled. The biggest complaint focuses on the fact that gear is even taken into consideration. Many want it to be based only on skill, not equipment. Lead system designer Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street responded that as an RPG, gear grinds will be part of all major systems including PvP. Given that Blizzard has a long history of tweaking systems until they are happy with them, don’t expect this round of changes to be the last.

Do you PvP in WoW? What do you think of these changes?

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