WoW With No AddOns Is a Drag

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Posted on May 24, 2007, Ron Whitaker WoW With No AddOns Is a Drag

Burning Crusade LogoOk, I know all you WoW players out there can understand what I am talking about. This week, the 2.1.0 patch hit. As usual, all my addons went down. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I get used to my addons. I NEED my FuBar. How come my warrior’s bar’s aren’t synced up with my stance changes?

I usually don’t mind updating, but the longer I play, it seems like the number of addons I use is growing exponentially. It’s getting harder and harder to update. So, here’s a couple of tips to make your updating easier.

  • Check out The List at It contains every mod on their site that is updated for 2.1.
  • Switch your mass of mods to Ace mods. Over at, you can grab mods that replicate the functions of non-Ace mods. Not only that, but with the AceUpdater tool, you can update all your mods with one click, rather than spending the day downloading to prepare for your evening raid.
  • Check into mod packages. If you’re using CTMod, and you need a raid package, think about CTRaidAssist. It may not be your favorite, but it’s functional, and it’s easy to update when you update your CTMod. Packages like these make updates easy.

How do you deal with your patch day mod blues? Do you take off from work and update mods all day? Do you even use mods? Tell us what you think!

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