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Posted on June 24, 2007, Ron Whitaker Sells For a Million Plus

WoWHead LogoIf you’re a World of Warcraft player, you’ve heard of, one of the newer game information sites around. It’s been growing like crazy since it launched, and now, it’s been sold for a rumored $1 million (or more!).

As with anything that happens online, there’s some conspiracy theory surrounding the sale. WoWHead was purchased by Affinity Media, as part of the ZAM Network, which includes sites like Allakhazam, Thottbot, and MMOInterface. Affinity Media is also the company that owned IGE, famed RMT’ers, until recently. Rumors have been flying that Affinity actually still owns or is heavily involved with IGE. John Maffei, president of the ZAM Network, refuted those rumors, saying, “I would strongly caution people not to believe all the rumors they read. For example, it came to my attention that the individual who leaked the story about the Wowhead sale supposedly not only owns competitive content properties but also is the partner in a successful RMT site. Like all Internet rumors, it is just that, but please consider the source when you hear damning stuff.”

Maffei also says that if you’re afraid WoWHead is going to sprout gold ads, you can rest easy. When asked how sure he was that those ads wouldn’t be on WoWHead, Maffei said, “100% sure. Neither Wowhead or the ZAM Network have ever had gold or powerleveling ads, and they never will. We sold IGE. We are clearly separating our business from those practices. Why would we start running gold ads now?”

However, Lady Beth at says that her sources inside say that regardless of what you might hear, Affinity is still “very much involved” with IGE.

Ah, internet drama. How I love thee. Whatever the case, Thott, Alla, and WoWHead have all been, and will continue to be, valuable resources for the WoW Community.

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