Guide: How to Get a WoW Brawler’s Guild Invitation

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Posted on November 28, 2012, Dan O'Halloran Guide: How to Get a WoW Brawler’s Guild Invitation

Nobody likes to be excluded, but invitation-only is the way World of Warcraft devs have chosen to control the flow of players into their new Brawler’s Guild introduced in yesterday’s Patch 5.1. There are only three ways to get gain access to this virtual fight club:

  • Buy one of the very few invitations available on the black market auction house. Really only viable if you have hit the gold cap.
  • Receive an invite from someone who has already worked their way into the Brawler’s Guild, reached Rank 4, and is willing to give away their only extra invite to you. If you’re not the guild leader’s girlfriend, good luck with that.
  • Get a rare drop (Blood-Soaked Invitation) from one of six rare spawns. The good news for you is, we now know which spawns those are.

The lucky spawns that are getting permacamped for their Brawler’s Guild invite drops are all part of the new Krasarang Wilds PvP hub content. Three name Horde spawns and three named Alliance spawns pop up every 30-40 minutes at their respective bases at Lion’s Landing.

The Alliance spawn for Horde players to farm are:

  • Mavis Harms
  • Dalan Nightbreaker
  • Disha Fearwarden

The Horde spawns are:

  • Ubunti the Shade
  • Kar Warmaker
  • Muerta

Protip: look for a mass of players all standing and staring at one spot. That’s probably one of the spawn points.

The exact drop rate of the invitation on these mobs hasn’t been determined yet and whatever it is, multiply it by the number of people camping the poor, unlucky bastards. Your best bet right now is to wait a few weeks and then try. But if you insist on killing these mobs for the invite, be sure to knock off all three for the I’m In Your Base, Killing Your Dudes achievement.

Are you trying to be one of the first into the Brawler’s Guild or are you waiting until the mad rush dies down?

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