Write for the Next BioWare MMO Game

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Posted on November 14, 2007, Chris Write for the Next BioWare MMO Game


If you’re a talented writer and you like your RPGs, working as a writer for BioWare is the dream job of dream jobs. If I’ve got you foaming at the mouth already, then I won’t tease you anymore – BioWare is looking for another writer for its upcoming MMO, which lead writer Daniel Erickson is calling their biggest project ever.

The position is listed on BioWare’s jobs page, but Erickson made a public call for anyone qualified to apply over on Penny-Arcade. What’s he asking for is fairly simple; grab Neverwinter Nights and put together a writing sample. You don’t need to be able to script, and just sticking the characters in the middle of a field will suffice.

This is truly an amazing opportunity, so the best of luck to anyone that applies.


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