XBLA Title Updates Coming: Hexic 2 and Texas Hold ‘em

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Posted on September 27, 2007, Chris XBLA Title Updates Coming: Hexic 2 and Texas Hold ‘em


Later this week you’ll receive a title update when you try playing Hexic 2 or Texas Hold ‘em while connected to Xbox Live which will solve various issues both games suffer from. To insure that the leaderboards are a level playing field, many of them will be reset to account for the unfair scores players may have achieved. Before you go freaking out because your #1 slot is about to be taken away, read below for the official details to see if your specific leaderboard will be affected.

Texas Hold’em:

A Title Update for Texas Hold’em will be released later this week, which includes the following updates:

  • Players must now have adequate buy-in to start a game
  • Enhancements in the quality of language translation
  • Resolved exploit for increasing competitive bankroll

As such, the competitive bankroll and corresponding Leaderboards will also be reset at the time of the title update to restore competitive balance. Player Match and Single Player bankrolls and Leaderboards will remain intact.

Hexic 2:

We’ve listened to the community and are making the following updates on 9/28 to enhance the gameplay experience in Hexic 2:

  • Bombs now appear as intended in continued saved games for Marathon or Timed modes; previously they did not appear if the game was saved on Level 8.
  • In Timed saved games, the timer will now start as soon as a rotation is made in a saved game, rather than when the first combo is made. It still takes a valid combo to start the timer at the beginning of a new game.
  • When there are no more available moves (detonating a special piece is still considered a valid available move), the board will now reset with new pieces.
  • A sound is now played when a bomb first appears in Marathon or Timed more to give the player appropriate warning.

Marathon, Marathon Weekly and Timed Leaderboards will be reset when the title update is available to ensure all scores posted are valid. No other Leaderboards will be affected.

All Timed saved games and Level 8 Marathon saved games are no longer valid and will not load. Survival saved games are not affected

Okay, now you can freak out.


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