XBLA Wednesday 10/24: Exit, Battlestar Galactica Now Available

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Posted on October 24, 2007, Chris XBLA Wednesday 10/24: Exit, Battlestar Galactica Now Available


As Shawn pointed out earlier, Battlestar Galactica is now available on the Xbox Live Arcade. Joining it for release today is Exit, a PSP port of the action puzzler of the same name. Both games cost 800 Microsoft Points ($10), but be wary with Exit – the dashboard text for the game makes a special note that you’ll need either the 512 MB memory unit or a hard drive for the game, which is odd considering that it would fit on the 256 MB memory unit with plenty of room to spare.

The official details:


Meet Mr. ESC, otherwise known as Mr. Escape. Mr. ESC is an escape artist whose objective is to save people from disastrous situations, clearing each danger-filled stage within a limited amount of time. Save lives in EXIT®, a frantic, mind-stretching, action-packed puzzle game!

  • Frantic rescue action: As Mr. ESC, take control and rescue people from dangers like fires and earthquakes. Turn them into Companions and lead them to safety.
  • Puzzle-solving skills required: Use your Companions by commanding them to use items, solve puzzles, and reach the exit within the time limit.
  • Companion abilities: The different Companions you save have different abilities. Young Companions have average abilities, Adults are strong, and Kids can make it through tight passages. Be sure to save the injured Patients as well.
  • Multiple stages: There are over 120 challenging stages to escape, and even more stages will be available for download.
  • Twelve new achievements and leaderboard: Master twelve new achievements, and compete for the best stage times on the leaderboards to prove you are the greatest escape artist in the world!

Battlestar Galactica

Enter the Battlestar Galactica universe in Battlestar Galactica™. Sign up to defend the Galactica, or play as the ruthless Cylons as they seek to remove the Human Race from existence. Pilot iconic ships from the Viper II to the Heavy Raider and lead your squadron in enormous fast-action multiplayer space combat (with up to eight players online) or play through the exciting single-player campaign.

  • Single-player campaign: Pilot various ships and complete memorable missions from the TV series.
  • Multiplayer game mode: Play online with up to eight players in this relentless space-based action shooter in Firefight, Skirmish, and Domination modes.
  • Spaceships: Pilot four human and four Cylon ships, from the Viper II to the Heavy Raider, each with unique weapon capabilities.
  • Special weapons: Coordinate attacks with an arsenal of destructive weapons including missiles, guns, and more.
  • Defensive maneuvers: Avoid annihilation with the barrel roll, quick turnabouts, and other aerial moves.
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