XBLA Wednesday 6/11: Commando 3 and Frogger 2

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Posted on June 11, 2008, Chris XBLA Wednesday 6/11: Commando 3 and Frogger 2


I don’t really know what to make of Frogger 2. I mean, I know there have been more Frogger games since the original release, as well as a fair number of ripoffs — every single one of which has irrevocably sucked. But to go so far as to boldly proclaim a game as Frogger 2 and make what appears to be an attempt to inject even the slightest shred of story into a game that should never be anything more than the perilous journey of a frog attempting to cross the street.. it just somehow seems wrong. At this very moment, I’m staring at a screenshot of what looks to be some sort of cutscene from the game, where Frogger is standing up alongside a blue Hershey’s Kiss inside a space suit, praising a satellite with the caption “Frogger and Pico find the antenna in the depths of the forest.” I find this so absurd that I’ve decided it should actually be the image for this story, so that you can all see what I’m so flabbergasted at.

With that out of the way, I suppose I should mention that the game costs 800 Microsoft points ($10) and includes new enemies and obstacles, as well as boss battles and “more than fifteen levels” with five different “exotic environments.” The multiplayer mode has also been expanded from the original Frogger on XBLA to now include Race Mode and Jewel Duel, both of which sound about as exciting as the prospect of hunting down an antenna in the forest.

This week’s other release is Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3. The game was released last week on PSN, but 360 owners are getting the better end of the deal — buy the game and you’ll get access to the Street Fighter HD beta. That should guarantee a good number of sales, whether or not people care about Commando.

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