XBox 360 and PS3 Price Cuts Predicted…Again

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Posted on May 11, 2010, Ron Whitaker XBox 360 and PS3 Price Cuts Predicted…Again

wii-ps3-xbox360It seems like every year the rumors start flying about price cuts for one console or the other. Usually they start from an industry analyst, or are “leaked” by someone at Microsoft or Sony.

This time, at least according to MCV UK, the news comes from what they call “a senior global publishing source,” a vague term that could mean anyone from Bobby Kotick at Activision to some guy who’s been cleaning floors at EA for years.

At any rate, this source has told MCV that they have constructed their financial projections on the belief that there will be a price cut, and that this is one of the reasons that the fourth quarter is looking so packed with games this year. But is there any reason to think that these price cuts will happen?

I don’t have any trouble believing that there may be console price cuts, but the actual proposals in this article are a little tough to swallow. First, they mention that Sony is likely planning an entry-level PS3 SKU with a smaller hard drive – exactly like the 40GB that they axed because of non-existent sales. Somehow, I don’t think Sony is going to make the same mistake twice, especially with the emphasis they’ve placed on downloadable games and movies.

The Microsoft predictions are much more believable. They speculate that the XBox 360 will release a bundle including Natal without increasing the price, which is something I think a lot of people are expecting.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see the new motion controllers bundled with consoles this fall, but I don’t expect to see it happen on the cheap. After all, that’s new technology, and when has that ever been cheap?

[Via MCV]

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