Xbox 360 Slim Specs

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Posted on June 14, 2010, Phil Owen Xbox 360 Slim Specs

slim360Those who watched Microsoft’s E3 presser this morning know that attendees were given 360 Slims, and they helpfully included a full spec list so we don’t have to actually look at the box to know what’s up. At first glance, the Slim doesn’t look that different from the original 360s, but appearances can be deceptive, as Brad Pitt might say. We already know it has a big-ass hard drive and built-in 802.11n wifi, but those aren’t the only new features. Hit the jump for the most notable specs on the 360 Slim.

  • “Custom Kinect port.” What is this? I don’t know. It just says it makes it so the console “directly hooks up to the Kinect sensor.” How that’s different than whatever original 360 owners will use to connect to Kinect is anyone’s guess at this particular moment.
  • Five USB ports. OK.
  • An internal but still easily removable hard drive. Old 360 hard drives and memory units are not compatible with the Slim.
  • Smaller power supply. Old 360 power supplies are not compatible with the Slim.
  • PS3-style touch-sensitive on/off and disc eject button. That’s right: button. It’s one button for both.
  • 45nm chipset.
  • It’s glossy as hell.

There you go. This feels like a legitimately worthwhile upgrade. It’s mostly just disappointing that it took them five years to put this thing out.


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