Xbox 360 Titles Dominate Game Industry Awards

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Posted on December 10, 2007, William Xbox 360 Titles Dominate Game Industry Awards

Xbox 360

Once Spike TV’s Video Game Awards (VGAs) was over, it was obvious that Microsoft brought home the gaming crown. All of the titles that were nominated for “Game of the Year can be played on the 360, which is something that the other consoles cannot claim. Although the Xbox 360 has a real iffy track record when it comes to hardware, the games are simply better on the 360 right now. Microsoft also pulled in some awards for Windows games. I’m a little upset that BioShock won Game of the Year at the VGAs, but they got most of the other awards right. I’m not saying BiShock wasn’t an awesome game, but my vote would have gone for Call Of Duty 4 or Mass Effect. Information on the actual awards can be found after the article break.

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The best line-up in history includes games from a wide variety of genres, and Spike TV’s awards underscored this by awarding the following titles:
· “BioShock” from 2K Games took home the coveted “Game of the Year” award. “BioShock” is a console exclusive for Xbox 360 and is also a Games for Windows branded-title. The Xbox 360 version has sold more than 1.5MM copies since its launch in August and is among the top-rated games on Metacritic.com.

· “Halo 3” and Master Chief were big winners claiming “Best Multiplayer Game“ and “Most Addictive Game fueled by Mountain Dew,” the only category with consumer online voting. “Halo 3” has sold more than five million copies to date in less than three months since its launch.

· “Rock Band™” took home the “Best Rhythm Game” award. According to the game’s review score on Metacritic.com the game plays better on Xbox 360 than any other console.

· “Madden NFL 08” snagged the award for “Best Team Sports Game.” Once again, this game was recognized as playing best on Xbox 360 by its reviews score on Metacritic.com.

· Sci-fi blockbuster “Mass Effect” won “Best Role Playing Game,” further establishing Xbox 360 as the platform of choice for storytelling depth and innovation. “Mass Effect” has garnered numerous industry awards to date and boasts an average score of 91, according to Metacritic.com. Microsoft today also confirmed that “Mass Effect” has sold more than one million units worldwide in less than three weeks, making it the fastest selling RPG on Xbox and Xbox 360 and the fastest selling RPG on the current generation of video game consoles.

· Confirming Windows role as the innovation catalyst for the industry, Games for Windows branded-title “Crysis” scored a victory in the Best Graphics categories through its use of DirectX 10 to achieve stunning graphics and a heightened level of realism.

Great games for Xbox 360 come in all shapes and sizes and the recent Fall Dashboard update introduced Xbox Originals and Xbox LIVE Arcade Hits, ensuring digital shelves will be stocked with classic titles and best-sellers this holiday season and beyond. The choice is clear. Xbox 360 is the only console where gamers can play the best games of 2007, access an unparalleled selection of classics, and experience the largest social entertainment network on TV.

The accolades for the Xbox 360 and Games for Windows portfolio of games keep coming. G4’s X-Play announced the nominees for their “Best of 2007” video game awards and Xbox 360 dominated the nominations with almost twice as many nominations as the PS3 and more than eight times the nominations of the Wii. Games for Windows branded titles grabbed eleven nominations, including Game of the Year. G4 will announce the winners on Monday, December 17.


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