XBox Customer Service Rep Says, "I Am Laughing At You"

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Posted on May 13, 2007, Ron Whitaker XBox Customer Service Rep Says, "I Am Laughing At You"

XBox 360Everyone reading this should be at least passingly familiar with the fact that the XBox 360′s hardware is…problematic. Horror stories can be found all over the net of failing boxes. Now, it appears that the only thing that fails more than the hardware is the customer service team that supports it.

An XBox customer named Richard has a horror story of his own. Seems his 360 crapped out on him not long after the warranty expired.

He contacted customer support after the announcement that Microsoft would include shipping and a 1 year warranty with all repairs, even those that were not under warranty. Unfortunately, he was not to be satisfied.

After getting the runaround from the customer service, he finally got to speak with a supervisor. After explaining his problem, the supervisor told him nothing would be done for him. Then came the surprising part.

I’ll use Richard’s words, because it’s hard to believe this happened.

“The supervisor said, ‘Is there anything else I can help you with… and by the way I am laughing at you.’ I responded, ‘you are what?’ And he enunciated, ‘I am laughing at YOU.’ And then he hung up.”

You can read the whole story here. It’s a shocker, and shows just how much the support people actually care about the customer.

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