Xbox Live Arcade to Introduce 18 New Solitaire Games (Zzzzzzzzzzz)

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Posted on May 12, 2007, Stephany Xbox Live Arcade to Introduce 18 New Solitaire Games (Zzzzzzzzzzz)


No matter how many people you can coerce into playing solitaire with you, even by offering up free munchies and liquor, solitaire is still solitaire. Subsequently, isn’t solitaire a â$Ëœone person’ game? Didn’t Laura Branigan sing the woes of such a lonely game back in 1983? “Solitaire, it got so lonely – Solitaire, no one to hold me – Where were you when I played solitaire?” God I am so old. Nostalgia aside, here are the new features and exciting additions to expect from Soltrio Solitaire (800 Microsoft Points or $10) when you log on to XBL Arcade on Wednesday, May 15th. Prepare to be wowed.

1. Two-player multiplayer via system link
2. Two-player mode where you and another poor soul can fight over foundation piles for different games
3. XBL Vision Camera support for multiplayer
4. Unlock card elements to create new cards
5. Earn 200 Gamerscore points and up to 12 achievements
6. Co-op mode where you and others can pass cards back and forth, working toward winning the game

Sounds like a fun-filled Wednesday night to me â$” I am so excited! I might even miss LOST for this!

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