XBox Live Gamers Impersonating Treyarch Employees

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Posted on August 12, 2010, Ron Whitaker XBox Live Gamers Impersonating Treyarch Employees

In the multiplayer trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops that was released earlier this week, several gamertags are visible. Obviously, these are members of the development team at Treyarch.

For example, you see names like WayneNoobton and DJVahn. Unfortunately, there are people on XBox Live who have either claimed those gamertags or already had them. Apparently, some of these folks are contacting people claiming to be employees of Treyarch.

Treyarch has issued a statement in regards to these incidents, saying,

“When you are in development of the game, you are not using Xbox Live. You are using the development version of it. Think of it like a copy of the Xbox Live that only developers use. It’s called Partnernet.

“On Partnernet, we can make up as many gamertags as we want, as long as they are not taken.

That’s why you see WayneNoobton, DJVahn, and others in the video.

If you get contacted by any of these people, it’s not us.

We’ve contacted our account rep at Microsoft and he is looking into it. Thanks.”

According to commenter Paperghost on Eurogamer, XBox Live user DJVahn is “pimping fake invites in return for paypal donations. there’s a few other scammers doing the rounds, but they’re all asking for the same thing or directing you to their youtube channels.”

He also says that another scam is “checking out the profile tags of game devs from sites that display gamerscore rankings, then tampering with your profile name to make it look like the game dev temporarily in a gaming session. they’d then go on to offer up goodies in return for their login details. ”

So in other words, don’t give out your info to anyone, even if they really promise that they’re from Treyarch.

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